Testimonial from Theresa Auciello Shea

Testimonial from Theresa Auciello Shea

Jan 23, 2018Dr. Travis Zigler

Theresa Auciello Shea

Customer Testimonial

Theresa is a very active member of our Dry Eye Support Group on Facebook.  She has been very helpful in sharing her experience with Dry Eye to other members of our group.  We wanted to give her the opportunity to share her experience in detail.  Here is her story. 

When did the trouble with your eye begin?

I had a fall and seizure at home 10 years ago and ended up at the hospital. They had to give me blood transfusions and medication to keep my body from rejecting the transfusions. I woke up the next day and I did not know then what happened I know I had severe eye pain, I now know it was a torn cornea. So, when I got out of the hospital which was 4 days later, I did go right to an eye doctor.

What conditions have you been diagnosed with?

The first eye doctor I had seen never said I had dry eye. She said I have an eye infection. Later I was told, still it was just eye infection or a stye. It was my fourth doctor who said he thought it was dry eye, from there I went to a specialist he was  a leading Ophthalmology surgeon and by then I was just told to use eye drops but never told dry eye. I was a few years later when I was still having issue, I was then told it could be dry eye and that I needed more eye drops. Fast forward 8 doctors and many just kept telling me I had the wrong scripts for my glasses or not enough eye drops then I finally went to the office of Dr. Korb in Boston Mass where I was tested for 4 hours and told I have MGD.

What products have you used before Heyedrate or Eye Love, LLC Products? 

Before I found the Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community on facebook, I had tried Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Castor oil. You name it, if it was in the health store I tried it. Also, tried green tea, buttermilk, and then the list of eye drops, every name brand everything kind there is. Then this one last doctor gave me Avenova and It was a miracle first one in 8 years. Then when I was on the facebook page I found that your store had a similar product. I had to buy it then I had to buy more because people would ask me to use it. It not only helps with the eyes, the lids, and lashes, but also the face, any rash or pimples, etc.

What is your daily eye care routine?  

My routine has changed in the 8 years that I have suffered, to the last year I have been on facebook and in the group and seen a good dry eye doctor. I have gone from using every eye lid scrub on the market to tearing corneas, almost monthly and doing eye drops every two hours and sleeping at night only two hours at a time. I did daily heated masks and massaging the eye lids and and a warm compress, just in the mean time, in searching for that one great eye drop and relief, and spending it at the doctors. I had no time for me, I barely had time to eat or sleep. I was just in a constant every 2 hrs, drops, masks, massage, compress,  and the day would be over.  Today, If I shower in the morning or at night, I put eye drops in my eyes to protect my eyes first.  Water dries out my eyes, so before the shower I put some drops in (a light thera tears or a systane ointment works). I shower and come out and do my lid and lash and then I am good all day. If I go out I wear sunglasses and in a store or office I wear regular glasses and at home on the computer I wear glasses with blue block. If I am in the car and have to have heat or air on, I keep moisture goggles in there and sometimes will wear them under the sunglasses if I am not driving. If I am home and on the computer, I also have a humidifier running and when I go to bed at night I have one running in the bedroom. Once a day, maybe after about 8 hours though, I will do warm compress on my eyes as they will get dry, but not the every two hours like before. I can go eight hours and I will put in drops and do warm compresses.... followed by a cool. So basically, I use lid and lash daily, sometimes twice in the am and pm, but then I do warm compresses once daily, and eye drops total twice a day, not every two hours. But using lid and lash you are helping with the things and issues that can cause the main issues for dry eye sufferers, it helps with inflammation, and kills any bacteria so those two are the big problems and getting rid of that helps 100% in getting some relief. Sometimes that is all I need. It may be different for others, but for me it is what works. So I went from 24 hours of maintenance, to 2 hours a day of maintenance. I have my life back. 

What Eye Love products do you use?

I have bought the glasses but ended up donating them to others who needed them more. I have bought the sunglasses but again someone had seen them and needed them more so I gave them to them. I buy the products because I know they are quality products but it seems others see the same thing and want mine. Right now, the only Eye Love product I use daily is Hypochlorous Acid Eyelid and Eyelash Spray. But, I have seen all the products that are carried and I believe they are all good quality so I do mention them to others. I plan on trying the Handmade Antibacterial Tea Tree Oil Face Soap, I have not found a better quality soap and also, the OMEGA-3 FOR EYE HEALTH,  is the best combination I have seen for dry eye as it has the essentials in there along with the fish oils, it has important vitamins so it's a very rounded and  good quality product that daily people with dry eye should take if they can. But my favorite product is the Eyelid and Eyelash spray as it is a great value its the modern product that has multiple uses, its powerful in the sense that it works and yet it's non irritating and gentle on the body and eyes and skin. I use it not just on the eyes and the lids, but I use it on my actual face. If you get a pimple or a rash those are inflammation of the skin and that is what this product does, it calms the inflammation. I also use it because the quality of it kills bacteria. I use it to clean my bruder mask, or heat mask and the goggles that I wear at night to kill any bacteria. 

Happy to share my story,

Testimonial, Theresa Auciello Shea 

Theresa Shea

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