What to do Naturally to Improve Schirmer's Score

What to do Naturally to Improve Schirmer's Score

Jan 15, 2018Dr. Travis Zigler

Ways to Fix Dry Eye

My Schirmer’s score was 0 and 0, which is odd for a 47 year old male. Blood test negative for auto-immune. Saw an eye doctor and he said drink more water, I'm confused. Do you have any suggestions?

It sounds like this guy needs to go to dryeyecommunity.com and sign up for the emails that we are doing. We go through everything, starting with hydration and all the way up to everything you can do for dry eye. We kind of hit on it all throughout the course. I would highly recommend doing that because we kind of go through all the different things you can try. It is pretty rare that you have that low of a Schirmer’s score.

Go to dryeyecommunity.com and get your free book and more importantly, you are going to get put on to an email list. It’s going to email you every three days with something new that we are coming out with. We talk about hydration, we talk about exercise, and we talk about what all plays a role in dry eye and what you can do to fix it. I'm really excited about our next topic which is food! It’s going to be a bigger section but we are still making this. You guys can get first access to this for free. This is something we have talked about charging up to $500 for it or $100, we don’t really know yet but we are just trying to get feedback right now. We want to know what you guys think of the whole course, or actually I wouldn’t really call it a course, it's more like a whole education series that you guys get for free. Take advantage of it now. So, dryeyecommunity.com takes you over to our website and then you just put in your email address and there are a couple more little bonuses there for you. The dry eye checklist, I think, is the coolest thing in there. That’s my favorite. 

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Dr. Travis Zigler  


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