How Long for Conjunctivitis to Clear Up After Surgery?

How Long for Conjunctivitis to Clear Up After Surgery?

Jan 10, 2018Dr. Travis Zigler

Conjunctivitis Recovery

Tomorrow I have surgery for an inflamed conjunctiva in my left eye. I was told it would drain in May but I am one of the rare 10% where it has not. I have dry eyes in 50's do to LASIK in 30's. Used your products. I'm a little scared tomorrow but I am told I would be fine. You guys know what I may expect for healing time?

It sounds like you just have a Conjunctiva cyst and that is nothing. Your conjunctiva and your cornea heal very very quickly. That is a really great thing about having a surgery, even cataract surgery, sometimes they don't even stitch up the holes that they put in your eyes anymore because they can self seal so quickly . It is really just a matter of probably no more than a week or so, I would say. I don't know exactly what type of surgery you're having but it heals up pretty quickly.

I am guessing you just have a conjunctiva cyst which isn't really inflammation and you talked about how it should drain, but it didn't. Conjunctiva cyst are just like blisters like when you get a blister on your skin, you can get a blister on your eye with too much inflammation, that is a conjunctiva cyst. I always recommend whenever somebody goes into surgery I put them on a full swing with our products because the better cleanliness you have before the surgery, the better outcome you are going to have after the surgery.

Whenever I send somebody out for cataract surgery, I always put them on our spray because it gets their eye surface clean. Really any surgery you have, even getting surgery on my arm, I would just keep washing my arm for like a week with our spray! I mean why not? They are actually doing a study with this, not specifically our spray, but this kind of Hypochlorous Acid formulation to replace betadine in surgery. That would be kind of cool.

One Love,

Dr. Travis and Dr. Jenna

Dr. Travis Zigler 


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