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How To Get Rid of Glasses

January 08, 2018 1 min read

Better Eyesight

How to get rid of glasses?

Well, it depends what you have glasses for. The "see clearly" method and those exercises have no studies that support them. There are people that swear by them but honestly you can't just get rid of glasses. Get contact lenses. There is also CRT or Orthokeratology Lenses. They reshape the front of your eye at night time when you are sleeping. You put them in like a retainer at night time and then you take them out in the morning and your eyes are reshaped enough that it should correct your prescription. It's not good for everybody. It's only really good for people that are nearsighted up to about a - 6.00 prescription, but CRT works well.

There are surgeries, but I don't recommend any of those surgeries. That is just my opinion and whenever somebody ask me about them I always bring up why I don't do LASIK.

The reason why you have glasses is most likely just genetics so there is really not much you can do besides having a surgery done. Which is going to make your eyes more dry. I wouldn't worry about it. Look into contact lenses if you are really worried about getting rid of glasses.


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Dr. Travis

Dr. Travis Zigler