Mediviz Warm Compress Mask - With Removable Cover

$ 25.95
$ 25.95

Temporarily soothes excessive burning and irritated eyes 

We listened to our patients and engineered this hot compress with a soft elastic strap with velcro so it can be held securely to your head while you refresh your eyes.

Comes with removable cover

For optimal hygiene, use this mask with removable cover to ensure your mask stays clean and fresh between uses.

How to Use:

For heat therapy: Place entire mask on a paper towel. Microwave for 20 seconds. Test mask temperature with fingertips. If the mask is too hot, allow to cool for 1 minute before testing with fingertips again. If the mask is not hot enough, microwave in 5 second increments until desired heat is achieved. Do NOT heat the mask for more than 30 seconds at a time. Apply mask to the eyes for up to 10 minutes or as directed by your doctor.

The eye compress is easy to clean. Just wipe with a wet cloth and a small amount of mild soap. Then let air dry. Alternatively, simply throw the outer cover in the wash!