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How to Make a Healthy Dessert to Fix Your Sweet Tooth Craving

January 24, 2018 2 min read

Healthy Sweets to Eat

Eat This, Not That!

We all have a sweet tooth. I’m not immune to the whole sweet tooth thing. Look at my 3 cookies on my cheat day because my mom and Jenna’s family baked us about 20 dozen cookies for our baby shower and they sent us home with all of them. I’m just like what do we do with all these? They’re suppose to be for visitors after the baby comes but Travis is eating them all now!

So to soothe our sweet tooth, we freeze grapes. Frozen grapes are very good and a delicious dessert. Fill up a bowl and just eat frozen grapes and you’ll eat something sweet but it is a whole food. It taste pretty good. There is your “eat this not that” for the week.

I’m going to add one more to it. Another frozen fruit that works really well is when we cut up bananas and put them in the freezer. Let them freeze for about 24 hours and then you can pull them out, put them in a food processor, then it becomes ice cream. It literally looks, taste, and feels like ice cream. You can flavor it with whatever you want. You can put peanut butter in it, almond butter, cocoa powder, make it chocolate, maybe blueberries. You can also add fruit to it and then you have a new type of ice cream!

So there is our “eat this, not that” for desserts. Frozen grapes are a great easy sweet tooth fix or do frozen bananas processed in a food processor to make ice cream. It is amazing. Pretty awesome.

One Love,

Dr. Travis and Dr. Jenna

Dr. Travis Zigler