How to Cure Dry Eyes Caused by Hormone Replacement Therapy

How to Cure Dry Eyes Caused by Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feb 21, 2018Dr. Travis Zigler

HRT and Dry Eyes

I read recently that hormone replacement therapy, especially estrogen only, might cause dry eye syndrome. If you have to take it, is there anything you can do, diet wise, to lessen the effects on the eyes?

Hormone replacement therapy will cause dry eyes in many people and that is one of the reasons why we do see it more often in menopause and during pregnancy, because it is all hormone related. As far as what you can do with your diet, Travis is actually writing a book right now about that. It’s finally done. That book is called “Rethinking Dry Eye” and it is going to be on Kindle first. We are trying to make it a paperback through Kindle Publishing or through Amazon Publishing, as well. It has to be certain length and a certain format for that, so that might take a little longer to come out. Of course, it is going to be free for the community so look for that. So, that goes over the diet that you could follow that helps with that.

In a nutshell, hydration is super important. Making sure you are drinking enough water, and really only water. Carry around your water bottle. Take your omega 3’s, your greens. I am trying to keep Travis from going down a really long rabbit whole of things that he could talk about... Make sure you are getting your omega 3s. Make sure that you are avoiding processed foods and excess sugars and added sugars and anything like that. Caffeine can be really bad. Alcohol can be bad. Just make sure you are staying hydrated in that area. That is pretty much the gist of it, but his book will go into much greater depth on that.

I did add a request from the Dry Eye Facebook community. I, of course, recommend against eating meat, but I did put in some meat suggestions just in case. Just know though, if you want the maximum benefits, it is going to be by going completely vegetarian and even try to go completely vegan when it comes to your diet. Now, I don’t say vegan for other things like you don’t have stop wearing leather or stop using leather. That is completely up to you. That is more of an ethical dilemma. I talk about going vegetarian and vegan for health reasons! Ethical reasons, I will not ever shove down your throat because that is not my place to do so. That is your place to figure that out on your own and look into it.


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