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How do Biofilms Form in the Eye and Affect Dry Eye?

March 05, 2018 1 min read

Treating Biofilms Naturally

What roles do biofilms play in dry eye?


Basically, biofilms can form on our eyelids when bacteria mixes with nasty oils on our eyelids. That is one way biofilms can form. It cause damage and it can cause irritated eyes and eyelids and lashes. Our Heyedrate Spray the you have used, and I love the way that you are using it, is wonderful for cutting down on that biofilms. It really kills any bacteria on the skin and so it is going to work around your eyelids as well.

Something my patients are surprised to hear is that their dry eye is pretty much caused from your eyelids not being healthy. It is not the only cause, but it is pretty much what we try to focus on first with all my dry eye patients is getting their eyelids as healthy as possible and then moving on from there.

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