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A Complete Guide to Understanding and Naturally Treating Dry Eyes Millions of people around the world suffer from Dry Eye Disease which affects not only how they look, but their quality of life as well. Many suffer in silence as... Click Here For Details

Dry Eye Community

After treating thousands of dry eye patients, my wife, Dr. Jenna Zigler and myself, Dr. Travis Zigler, are passionate about healing dry eyes naturally without the use of medications.  How do we do this?

    1. We surround our patients with like minded individuals to support them.  Join us on Facebook at the Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community.
    2. They CONSISTENTLY take an Omega-3 Supplement that is high-quality and specifically formulated for dry eye syndrome.  Use the code FXDRYEYE to get $15 off your first order OR use subscribe and save to get 30% off for life!
    3. They CONSISTENTLY use a natural, organic eyelid and lash cleanser twice per day to keep the eyelids clean and working properly.  Get your first month free by clicking here.  
    4. They CONSISTENTLY use a warm compress every day to heat up their meibomian glands.  

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One Love,
Dr. Jenna Zigler, Dr. Travis Zigler
Dr. Travis Zigler 

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