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Dr. Jenna Zigler Discusses Why You Should Never Use Baby Shampoo

July 19, 2017 2 min read

 Dr. Jenna Zigler Discusses Why You Should Never Use Baby Shampoo

Dr. Jenna Zigler goes over why you should STOP using baby shampoo for blepharitis & on your eyelids.

Baby Shampoo
- Contains harsh chemicals
- Throws off the natural pH of your eyelids
- Does not work for her patients
- NO Guarantee

Heyedrate Eyelid & Lash Cleanser
- No harsh chemicals - 3 natural, organic ingredients
- Pure Hypochlorous Acid that your body makes naturally to fight blepharitis
- Works VERY well for her patients
- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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hey it's dr. Jenna Zigler, SeeEO of Eye Love
and I'm wanting to talk to you today

about the importance of NEVER using baby
shampoo on your eyelids so why is this

basically baby shampoo is soap and it
contains detergents that really throw

off the pH balance of your eyelids so
they can actually make the situation

worse and make your eyes more irritated
when you use baby shampoo and we know

now that there are much better products
on the market so for instance our

heyedrate lid and lash cleanser is perfect
it's made of hypochlorous acid

hypochlorous acid is actually naturally
produced in your body so you don't have

to worry about adding extra chemicals
onto your body and into your body

it's non irritating, it's organic, it's
vegan the way it works is it basically

engulfs bacteria and all that bacteria
that's on your eyelids that's causing

your blepharitis, that's making your
eyes red and irritated it engulfs that

bacteria and that bacteria is actually
what demodex feeds on those are those

eyelash mites that live in there I know
we don't like to hear that but basically

if you kill the bacteria you kill those
mites so we're all trying to get rid of

that and we're trying to make our
blepharitis better and you know have

more comfortable eyes and hydrate eyelid
and lash cleanser is the way to do it so

give it a try
if you have any questions or if you have

any problems with it at all just let us
know we'll always give you a full refund

or replacement if needed. um but we'd love
to know your feedback thanks

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