Ways To Improve Dry Eyes Depending On The Climate You Live In

Ways To Improve Dry Eyes Depending On The Climate You Live In

Nov 06, 2017Dr. Travis Zigler

 Dry Eye and Weather

What are ways to improve dry eyes depending on the climate you live in?

A member from our dry eye community said she has been diagnosed with moderate dry eyes, started the warm compress, massage, and eyelid scrub regimen. She has been taking 2,000 mg of fish oil for years already and usually wears gas permeable contacts. Her Doctor said not to wear contacts and avoid windy and warm weather however she lives on coast where this is not an option. Some days her eyes feel like they have been sand blasted.

Here’s our advice. You have a good base line going and that’s what we recommend. Make sure it’s a good quality of omega 3, good eyelid scrubs, less preservatives. Start looking at your diet more and exercising like we just talked about and then wear some wrap around sunglasses. In the UK, we do have some available. Look for “Eye Love Metal Men or Metal Sunglasses”  and we have some that wrap around really well and it will block all that wind from where you live. Wind is definitely something to avoid and a good pair of sunglasses that wrap around can do that.

With warm weather it really depends on what type of warm weather. I’m not sure the kind of climate you are in but if it’s dry heat, then I agree, that’s going to make things worse. For example if I were out in Arizona I would be screaming but being in South Carolina, we have a very very humid heat and I find it actually really helps my eyes. If it’s humidity then I don’t think that’s a problem so much as it is the dry heat and the wind. You are on the good path just stick with it.

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Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler

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