What Is The Best Way To Remove Eye Makeup Naturally?

Remove Eye Makeup Naturally

What is a safe, natural eye makeup remover? On one of your videos you used an oil based eye makeup remover. Can you tell us the name of what you used? I’m always looking for natural ingredients to use on my face and body.

The one that was used in the video is actually one that we are testing right now. That is a product that we are actually thinking about coming out with, which is an oil based eye make remover. The one that I have talked about before is by “We Love Eyes”. We really like it. If we did come out with one in the future, it would be something similar.

You can really use any type of oil for your make up remover. Truthfully, I wash my face every night with Jojoba Oil, which sounds crazy that I wash my face with that but that’s what I started using and it started working. I take my makeup off with just Jojoba Oil. So you could do that as well, but I have used the “We Love Eyes” too. It looks like jojoba, J-O-J- O-B- A oil. It’s pronounced like - hohoba. You could just use something like that to do almost everything you want with cleansing and removing make up.

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Dr. Jenna Zigler, Eye Love

Dr. Jenna Zigler

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