What We Believe & Our Story of Why We Started Eye Love

What We Believe At Eye Love

We're Drs. Travis Zigler and Jenna Zigler, optometrists and co-founders of Eye Love, the makers of Heyedrate.

We want you to know exactly what we, at Eye Love, believe in. 

We believe that all sufferers should be treated equally.

We believe that more research should go into ocular health conditions.

We believe that your body has the capability to heal itself.

We believe the best products should win. 

And if you don’t think we have the best, you should get your money back

We believe in using fewer ingredients, and those that are organic and natural. 

We believe in having integrity first. 

We believe in exercising honesty and doing what is right, even when no one is looking. 

We believe in respect for others’ beliefs and treating all as equal. 

We believe in building others up, not dragging them down. 

We believe in excellence in all we do. 

We believe in striving for continual improvement. 

We believe in pushing our comfort zone for continual improvement because, why wouldn’t we?

We believe in people over profits. 

We believe in taking care of the patient before ever considering the profit of the company. 

We believe in taking care of each patient - one person at a time. 

We believe in daily gratitude. 

We believe that happiness is a choice that we can all have. 

We believe we are partners with you and that we are all in this together. 

We believe in ridding yourself of false beliefs and hindrance of passion. 

We believe in only doing what we love and what feels right. 

We believe in truly giving a damn. 

Speaking of giving a damn, we believe that’s essential and can’t be taught. 

We believe that if you buy something from us and you don’t like it, you should get your money back. 

We’ve already said that, but we believe it is our duty to make it right. 

We believe in leaving you more excited about doing business with us. 

We believe in giving back. 

We believe in providing affordable or free eye care and glasses to individuals who cannot afford it. 

We believe that one person can change the world. 

We believe we can help that one person grow and succeed. 

Therefore, we believe that WE can change the world. 

We believe we can change the world. 

At Eye Love, we love what we do, and we love our customers. 

We learn from you. 

We admire you. 

We’re here for you.

We’re thankful for you. 

Thank You for being you. 


Our Story: Why We Started Eye Love

As our bus pulled into the community center where we would be holding our eye clinic for the day, we noticed an older gentleman a few yards back from the front of the long waiting line. His eyes were turned down and he appeared to be in tremendous pain. As our bus came to a stop and we all filed out, ready to begin another clinic day in rural Ecuador, we could not stop thinking about this man as we set up. In countries without proper access to eye care patients will wait in line for hours, and it was clear that this man had been on his feet for some time.
Two men standing together

Shortly after the first patient entered our clinic, Travis went out to the line and guided the man to the very front, putting him ahead of everyone else that day. After examination, it was found that this farmer was not only going blind from Glaucoma he was unaware he had, but he was also in pain due to sky-high eye pressure. As patients continued to move through the clinic, Travis treated this man for hours to lower his eye pressure and make him comfortable. After not saying a word all day, the farmer started crying and said “Estoy libre de dolor. ¡Dios te bendiga! ¡Dios te bendiga!”, which translates to “I am pain-free. God bless you! God bless you!” The farmer then embraced Travis in a hug. As they parted ways, tears were shed and lives were forever changed that day.

It is stories like this that we’ve realized are not few and far between in countries that have no access to quality eye care. There is so much need in the world. We are a husband and wife duo that is looking to change the world and provide for that need.

We started Eye Love in May of 2015 with our ultimate goal being to build permanent clinics in areas that have no access to quality eye care. As active members of Great Shape, Inc, and more specifically the iCARE project, we travel to Jamaica every year to give eye examinations and dispense eyeglasses. With proper help and funding, Great Shape Inc. is working to develop more permanent clinics, and our ultimate goal is to be able to work in those clinics more often.

As a company, we want you to feel good about your purchase and who you do business with. Our passion is to provide a better quality of life through better vision -- locally and globally. Locally we do this by helping you see the clearest that you can. Globally by giving a portion of profits back to someone in need of an eye examination and glasses in Jamaica.


Eye Love! One Love!

Doctors Travis and Jenna Zigler

 Jenna And Travis