What Contact Lenses Are Best for Dry Eye Syndrome?

Contact Lenses for Dry Eye

What’s the Latest on Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes?

Daily disposables are almost always going to be the best for dry eyes. Acuvue Oasys 1-Day or Dailies Total 1 are great soft lenses for this. If a patient has mild to severe dry eyes, of course we always treat the dry eye first with diet changes, omega-3s, warm compresses, lid spray, and others.

Anybody that wears contacts should use our Heyedrate lid and lash spray because it does enhance the comfort of the lenses. Simply spray it on your closed eyelids, and this helps keep your eyelids clean.

Scleral lenses are another great option for severe dry eye because these lenses bathe your eyes in constant solution. The lenses are hard lenses, but are filled with a non preserved saline that’s going to help you feel better.

Coming down the pipeline, we believe they’re actually going to have contact lenses that release dry eye medication throughout the day. Researchers are already looking into contact lenses for diabetic monitoring to monitor your blood sugar via the sugar in your tears. They’ll also monitor your pressure for glaucoma and that’s going to give us a full day pressure reading, which is important. There are also contact lenses coming out that could be transition lenses so they get dark when you go outside, contact lenses that release allergy medications, antibiotics, and hopefully one for dry eye. 

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