Top 5 Warm Compress Eye Masks - Bruder vs Heyedrate vs Thermalon

What is the Best Dry Eye Warm Compress?

For those with dry eyes, blepharitis, and meibomian gland dysfunction, a warm compress eye mask can bring a ton of relief. Dry eye syndrome currently affects 30 million Americans, and this number is only growing. For this reason, many new dry eye masks have come onto the market. Here, I put together the top five dry eye warm compresses to help you find relief and soothe your blepharitis, MGD, and dry eye symptoms.  

Here are Dr. Travis Zigler's Top 5 Warm Compresses 

1. Heyedrate Dry Eye Warm Compress Mask

Released in 2017, the Heyedrate Dry Eye Mask is a new option for those suffering from dry eyes. This soothing mask is designed with a silk outer covering and a flaxseed and lavender interior. The silk ties make it easy to attach the mask behind your head, and it fits any head shape because of this. It is both heat safe for use as a warm compress and safe for freezing, to be used as a cold compress. It contains no added chemicals and is filled with all-natural ingredients that don't irritate the eyes.  This mask is my "go-to" product for patients in my clinic currently.  It is very gentle and I have had great success with this product. 

Heyedrate Dry Eye Mask Contents: Flaxseed, Lavender

Always test mask temperature prior to application.

Where can I buy the Heyedrate Dry Eye Warm CompressWhat is the price of the Heyedrate Dry Eye Mask?

Check prices and purchase here or on Amazon

Heyedrate Dry Eye Warm Compress

2. Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress

The Burder Moist Heat Eye Compress is a nice option for those with meibomian gland dysfunction. The compress helps stabilize the tear film, improves oil gland function found in the lids, and slows tear evaporation. The beads inside the mask absorb water from the air, so after the mask is heated in the microwave, it produces a moist heat. I have used this product successfully in our clinics and patients are generally happy with the outcome. 

Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress Contents: MediBeads technology

Always test mask temperature prior to application.

Where can I buy the Bruder Mask? What is the price of the Bruder Mask?

Check the price and purchase on Amazon

3. Thermalon Dry Eye Compress

The Thermalon Dry Eye Compress replenishes moisture, relieves dryness, and refreshes the eyes. This mask produces a moist heat similar to that of the Bruder Mask. Patented Hydro Pearl™ technology is used, and water molecules are continuously absorbed from the air and stored inside the beads. When microwaved, the absorbed water is released as clean, moist heat. The Thermalon mask is washable and reusable, and we've had good success with this in our practice.

Thermalon's Contents: Hydro Pearl™ technology

Always test mask temperature prior to application.

Where can I buy Thermalon Products? What is the price of the Thermalon Dry Eye Compress?

Check the price and purchase on Amazon

4. EyeGiene Insta-Warmth System

The EyeGiene Insta-Warmth System is different in that is does not require a microwave to heat. This mask was designed by an ophthalmologist and combines a soft, reusable eye mask and disposable warming wafers to deliver precise warm compress treatment to the eyelids. Each box contains one mask and ten disposable warming wafers, and refills will need to be purchased once they're used up. To use, simply open the foil pouch of warming wafers, insert into the mask, adjust the strap, and place over closed eyelids. This is not a mask that we have used in our clinics before, but it is innovative and provides another option for those without access to a microwave.

EyeGiene Insta-Warmth System Contents: Warming wafers

Always test mask temperature prior to application.

Where can I buy EyeGiene Insta-Warmth System?  What is the price of EyeGiene Insta-Warmth System?

Check the price and purchase on Amazon

5. Lifestance Dry Eye Compress

Lifestance Dry Eye Compress is a bit different because it is a USB powered mask. This can be convenient for those without a microwave. The special design of heated pads make it precisely heat the eyelids and match perfectly to the shape of your eyes. This mask is designed with an elasticated strap that adjusts to all head sizes. The cotton outer portion is removable and washable. I like to recommend USB masks for those without access to a microwave or other way of heating a traditional eye mask. Simply plug in and go!

Lifestance Dry Eye Compress Contents: USB heating element 

Where can I buy the Lifestance Dry Eye Compress? What is the price of the Lifestance Dry Eye Mask?

Check prices and purchase on Amazon

What do you think of this list?  What masks have you tried?  Let us know in the comments below!


One Love,

Dr. Travis Zigler

Dr. Travis Zigler
SeeEO of Eye Love
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