Can You Take Steroid Eye Drops With Glaucoma For Dry Eye?

Can You Take Steroid Eye Drops With Glaucoma For Dry Eye?

Sep 22, 2017Dr. Travis Zigler

Dry Eye and Severe Glaucoma

Would You Use Steroid Drops for Dry Eye on a Person With Glaucoma?

If you know that you’re not a steroid responder, meaning somebody whose eye pressure gets really high when they are on topical steroid or oral steroids, then it is probably not an issue for short term. We would watch you very closely, probably weekly, to check your pressures and making sure that nothing is going up. I don’t mind short term because 21 days is what I consider short term. You are not really going to get a spike until after that. Doing it for a short term we would use only a couple like Lotemax Gel. Lotemax is a great one for that because it doesn’t go inside the eyes so it's very rare for it to cause a spike.

As long as you are on your glaucoma medications and you are taking them regularly, it really should not be an issue. However, we would still monitor you for that really closely.

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