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Dry Eye Relief for Your Canine Friends

August 30, 2017 2 min read

Dry Eye Relief for Your Canine Friends

Your Canine Friends

Eyes are precious organs no matter which organism has them. They have to be maintained, and the same holds true for your beloved canine. Letting your pet roam free may suit your philosophy, but keeping tabs on an animal's health requires that you get their eyes checked.

We've assembled a long list of potential dangers your dog faces when tended with improper eye care. Reading this is how you learn more about your dog's safety and the steps you can take to ensure it.

Common Dry Eye Symptoms in Dogs

You might conclude that your pooch has something wrong with their eyes when you see them engaging in excessive blinking. You may also notice swollen blood vessels when you examine their eyes closely. Other examples include swelling of the surface of the eyes. Be on the lookout for pus or mucus being discharged from your pet's eyes. And there's more of which you should be cautious. Chronic corneal disease alters blood cells and is evident by unusual pigmentation or ulcers on the eyes. Any of the listed considerations above will lead to loss of sight or permanent impairment if not treated.

Here's What to Do About Your Dog's Dry Eye

Many of the precautions that humans take to care for their eyes are also helpful for dogs. The anatomy of the eyes are similar all around. That's why you see topical medications and medicated drops as common remedies for canines. With either solution, cleaning the dog's eyes is your first step in giving proper care.

If you're using a lubricant prescribed by a veterinarian physician, then follow the directions as listed on each medication's package. Cleaning a dog's ear before medication also requires that the ears are dried completely. The best way doctors reduce infections is with an antibiotic used as a topical remedy. Most creams fight against swelling and inflammation. These topical ointments are usually either cyclosporine or corticosteroids.

Whatever case you experience with your dog, it's important that you make a follow-up visit to the vet. Some conditions with dry eyes are so severe that your vet will implement ongoing care. For others, more testing and monitoring is inevitable. Just be sure to administer medicine as required and to follow up on any treatment laid out by your veterinarian.


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