How to Deal with Ocular Rosacea

How To Treat Rosacea

What to do When Warm Compresses Aggravate Your Lids Due to Ocular Rosacea?

Rosacea is fun... It’s an interesting subject that we’re starting to see more and more. Personally I think rosacea has a lot to do with diet and what you’re eating.  I’ve seen patients clear up rosacea from just diet changes such as, eliminating meat, eliminating processed foods, and eliminating gluten. You don't have to do that all at once but you want to do an experimental diet and eliminate something that’s highly allergic. Gluten is a very high allergy for humans and some people are very allergic to it which can cause rosacea. Dairy is another big one. What you can do is eliminate dairy for two weeks  and see what happens. That's eliminating cheese, yogurt, and milk. Then you can try eliminating gluten for two weeks and see what happens.

Eliminating the offending agent because rosacea is an auto-immune condition, so your body’s getting a signal that something’s wrong and something you’re doing is wrong. I’ve always said “a disease is your body telling you to stop doing something”. So first thing to do is figuring out what the cause of it is and then fixing it becomes a little easier. To go a little further, if you don’t feel like doing all of that because a lot of our patients don’t, I would say to use our Lid spray. The Heyedrate Lid & Lash Cleanser is great. There’s doxycycline and omega 3’s help.

You can also have food sensitivity testing done. That’s something a naturopathic doctor can do. Rosacea is definitely an inflammatory process so if somethings going on in your body then something’s not reacting well with your body. That’s a big part of why people get rosacea. After doing a warm compress, if you feel like it’s irritated, you could actually use coconut oil on your eyelids and the skin around your eyes. I think that would help. 

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