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Best Treatments for Posterior Blepharitis, MGD, and Brittle Eyelashes

October 06, 2017 4 min read

What is the best treatment for Posterior Blepharitis when it involves Demodex mites?

Demodex mites are actually more of an anterior blepharitis issue, because it involves your eyelash follicles. Demodex is a parasite that lives in your hair lash follicles, which are on the anterior surface of your eyelid. Treating anterior blepharitis, posterior blepharitis, and demodex are all three separate areas of your eyelid and require different treatments. Posterior blepharitis involves treating the meibomian glands and benefits from IPL, Mibo Flow, warm compresses, and omega-3s. Anterior blepharitis is best soothed with our hypochlorous acid spray. Demodex treatment is best treated with tea tree oil. Our tea tree oil soap is a fantastic treatment for this. When we decided to release our soap, we were looking at different treatment options and we saw that some shampoos on the market were $240 and had a lot of unnecessary ingredients. With any tea tree oil product, you do have to be careful not to get it directly in your eyes because it can burn and if you use it really often it can dry up your skin and dry up your eyelids. If that happens to you and it seems like it’s making things worse because it’s making your eyelids dry, simply cut it back to once a day or every other day.

Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil Soap

Will eyelid margin swelling/redness ever subside? Compresses seem to make the redness worse.

You are correct. Warm compresses can make redness worse because when you apply heat to any inflammation, that usually makes it worse. If you’re trying to get rid of red eyelids, that’s where cool compresses will come in. You might want to alternate warm compresses for your meibomian glands with cold compresses for the redness. Eyelid margin swelling and redness will subside if you keep your eyelids clean. Again, our Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil Soap and our Heyedrate Lid and Lash Spray will help with this. Also, if you have Rosacea, that can definitely cause eyelid redness so you want to be using tea tree soap to help calm down the redness and inflammation from that.

Does Lipiflow treatment work well for MGD? My doctor recommends the treatment, but it is pricey and not covered by insurance.

Liiflow can be great for meibomian gland dysfunction. If you have MGD, it’s worth a try to try it out for yourself. It doesn’t work for everyone, but for some people it can be life changing. Is it worth the cost? That’s up to the opinion of the patient. Some would say absolutely, and others would say it’s not. Things to note...during the first week after you get it done, your eyes might actually feel worse because what that Lipiflow does is gets all of the stagnant oils out of your glands. When those release onto your eyelids and eyes, it can cause more inflammation for a bit.  A lot of doctors would put you on a steroid eye drop for few days to a week just to calm down the inflammation and get you feeling better more quickly. If you haven’t tried it, it might be something to look into and see how it makes your eyes feel!

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

What do you think about Blephasteam goggles, and do you think they are effective?

We looked into this a little bit and it seems like a pretty great product. It’s almost like a home version of a Lipiflow. It steams up, heats up your eyelids, and does a similar thing. Currently, this device is only available in the UK and the only downside is you do need to buy replacement rings for it every few times you use it.

My eyelashes have gotten very dry and brittle and have dropped downward. Any suggestions on the cause and what to do for it?

You may have something known as ectropion, where the eyelids lose the elasticity they once had. This causes them to droop down and the eyelids start to open up. This is absolutely going to cause dry eyes as well because the pump used to pump tears in and out of the eyes may not be working properly. Ectropion is usually just due to aging, and you can think of the lost elasticity as losing muscle tone in your eyelids. There is a muscle in your eyelid that keeps everything toned and tight and just think of any muscle that has atrophied...you can’t lift as much as you could when you were 20. It’s the same thing with your eyelids. Treatment for this is most often surgery, which is in the form of an eyelid lift or a blepharoplasty. Aside from that, some people can begin to notice brittle eyelashes and they start to lose eyelashes because of blepharitis. Make sure you’re keeping your eyelids nice and clean, like we've talked about in this article!

Are you having issues with meibomian gland dysfunction? What has worked for you?

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