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Eye Love

1-Month Supply ULTRA Savings Bundle - Heyedrate® Lid & Lash Cleanser | Heyedrate® Omega-3 | Heyedrate® Tea Tree Oil Soap

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Are you suffering from red, irritated eyes and eyelids?

We know how you feel. That’s why we created this TRIPLE Heyedrate Savings Bundle...so you can stop worrying about your eyes, and start living the life you love.

Cleaner eyelids help with: 

  • Red, itchy eyelids
  • Blocked meibomian glands
  • Crusty eyelashes
  • Irritated eyes
  • Contact lens complications
  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Scars and wrinkles

    1oz Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser

    Fights contaminants on the skin and mucous membranes

    This innovative spray is perfect for deep cleaning and is a great solution for any skin irritation you have.

    Organic, vegan, all-natural support for your skin

    Alcohol free, fragrance free, no parabens, no sulfates, and preservative free. This hypoallergenic diluted Hypochlorous Acid formula is gentle on your delicate skin.

    Proprietary Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) spray

    A completely natural complement to your body’s healing capacity. Originally used as an antibacterial wound care product and safe for daily use. Product has a 2-year shelf life. 


    1-Month Heyedrate Omega-3 for Eye Health 

    Diminishes Irritation, Burning, and Itching

    Works from the inside of your eyes to the outside, continuously addressing the underlying cause of irritated, scratchy eyes.

    No Fishy Burps and Easy to Use

    Eliminates the dreaded aftertaste for a pleasant vitamin experience. Just 3 capsules per day helps maintain a healthy corneal surface.

    What is the difference between a regular omega-3 and the Omega-3 for Eye Health?

    • Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids - 515 mg EPA & 415 mg DHA - stimulate and enhance tear production and reduce irritation

    • 40 mg Omega-7 improves oil gland function leading to more moisturized eyes, hair, and nails

    • 50 IU Vitamin E & 100 mg Vitamin C - strong antioxidants that prevent damage and promote healing on the eye’s surface

    • 10 mg Vitamin B-6 increases tear production

    • 20 mg of Magnesium repairs the eye’s surface, decreasing irritation

    • 10 mg of Lactoferrin reduces redness and soreness by stimulating tears and aiding in healing the eye surface

      1-Pack Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil Soap

      Fights contaminants and mites on the eyelids...and everywhere else

      Tea Tree oil cleanses the skin and prevents reproduction of demodex eyelash mites. Contains organic green tea, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, raw shea butter, and tea tree essential oil.

      Organic, vegan, all-natural support for your skin

      Alcohol free, no parabens, no sulfates, and preservative free. This innovative facial cleanser is great for fighting skin blemishes and is gentle on the skin of your delicate eyelids.

      Handmade, natural Tea Tree and Green Tea Cleansing Bar

      Tea tree oil is a proven skin treatment without harsh chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Safe for daily use.

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        Velda W.
        • Condition Dry EyesMeibomian Gland Dysfunction
        • Age 60+
        What a difference

        I have tried everything for my dry eyes but these products have exceeded my expectation. The eye lash cleaner is such a gift, especially after you watch Dr. Jenna’s video for how to use it. I then started using the Tea Tree Oil Soap and noticed an immediate difference in not only my eyes but my complexion.. I was really surprised that soap made such a difference. Finally the Omega -3 has already started working which I consider a miracle as I have tried this before with other products with no results. I love these products and want to thank both doctors for their passion to provide these products to the public and help us with such an aggravating condition.

        Deb M.
        • Condition Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
        • Age 60+

        I have MGD I wouldn’t use anything else the only downfall is having to buy the states all the extra charges, taxes! So unable to buy frequently, it would be beneficial if we could buy from Amazon uk :flag-gb:

        Jack W.
        • Condition Dry EyesMeibomian Gland Dysfunction
        • Age 46-59
        Great products

        Everything works great, I have it a 4 only because the tea tree soap broke me out. I guess my skin is too sensitive. I think the capsules are doing something because my eyes are feeling pretty good!

        Janet U.
        • Condition Other
        • Age 60+
        Tina M.
        • Condition Dry EyesBlepharitisMeibomian Gland Dysfunction
        • Age 60+
        Puffer :tropical_fish: Fish :eyes: Eyes

        Years of grit, burn, needle pain, eye pressure, no eye lashes. Puffer fish eyes too embarrassed to go anywhere and just wanted to sleep to ease the pain. Doctor emergency and many meds. To find Xiidra to be the best no burn. Still not feeling well, searching the internet, to only discover what my condition is never being identified by medical. After extensive research, I ordered everything, free shipping and Eye Love upgrade shipped my order. I took a shower with the tea tree soap and washed my hair with the bar feeling the astringent effect on my pores all over my body. Than eye treatment. Xiidra, I have a bruner warm eye mask 15 minutes, used lid and eye cleanser q-tip treatment. ALL PAIN gone. Use only lid and eye cleanser if I had any twinge of discomfort, the next day ALL SWOLLEN eye lids GONE. Throw away OTC products and only use these products! Everyone has noticed the difference in my skin. Thank you Dr Ziegler team for education and products. I have my life back! :cry: with JOY!

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