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Eyelid Hygiene 90-day kit

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90 Day Supply

Kit includes:  MediViz Eyelid Wipes (3 box), Heyedrate Face Wash (3 bottle), Heyedrate HOCl (4 oz)


1. Wipe Clean
Simply open a packet and remove the MediViz Eyelid Wipe. Unfold wipe, close eye, and wipe eyelid and eyelashes with a gentle, sweeping motion.

2. Wash Your Face Wet your entire face and wash your face with a tea tree oil soap, such as Heyedrate Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash. With the bar, work it into a lather with your hands like you normally would with any soap and, with the foaming face wash, pump 2-4 pumps into your hand.

Then, massage the lather into your face. You can use this soap over closed eyelids and rinse thoroughly. Then, pat your face dry.

3. Cleanse Your Eyelids with Hypochlorous Eyelid Cleanser Cleanse the eyelids with a hypochlorous acid based eyelid cleanser, like Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser. Simply spray it onto a cotton ball or round, rub it into your eyelash margin and along your eyelids, and let it dry.