Polarized Sunglasses vs. Non-Polarized...What's the Difference?

What is the Difference Between Polarized and Non-Polarized Sunglasses?

You've heard the term before. You've wondered what it means. You may even have a pair of polarized sunglasses already, and that's great! But do you really know what makes polarized lenses so great? Let me tell you...

First of all, wearing proper UV protected sunglasses is arguably the most important thing that can be done to protect eye health and vision. Many of the sunglasses currently on the market in big box stores may not appropriately protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. According to the American Optometric Association, lenses should block at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays, and the addition of UV 400 protection is even better because it blocks even the smallest UV rays.

Polarized Sunglasses

Gray Polarized Sunglasses on the beach without a filter applied

Sunglasses should be thought of just like sunscreen and worn every time you're outdoors! Cloudy skies can be deceiving, as the skin and the eyes can get sunburned on days when the sun doesn't shine brightly. Just because you're not squinting doesn't mean you don't need those sunglasses. UV damage is cumulative over a lifetime, further increasing the importance of sun protection for children as well as adults. Sunglasses also help fend off those crow's feet we hate so much...bonus!

Polarized sunglasses are becoming extremely popular because they provide crisp, glare-free vision for so many activities. Normally, when the sun hits a flat surface such as water, the road, or a windshield, it bounces off and is horizontally polarized. This causes extremely intensive light to travel directly to your eye. Polarized lenses contain a unique filter that blocks this horizontally polarized light, reducing that awful glare! Regular, non-polarized sunglasses allow this intense, blinding light to hit your eyes. Yikes.

Eye Love Fleek Brown Polarized Sunglasses

If you've worn polarized sunglasses before, you know that there are a few instances where they can be bothersome. I hear you already..."I can't see my cell phone screen!" Polarized lenses decrease the visibility of most LCD and LED screens, including your cell phone, gas pump displays, and dashboard displays in your car. Pilots are unable to wear these glare-reducing shades because it interferes with their ability to see their instrument panel.

But for the rest of us that just want to have a great time boating or fishing on a Saturday afternoon, polarized lenses are the best thing since sliced bread...and we can promise you'll never go back to gas station cheapos! If you're looking for the absolute top tier, check out Costa Del Mar Sunglasses. Ray Ban also makes a nice polarized lens if you have the money to invest. We'd love it if you visited our store (just click "SHOP" at the top!) and tried out a pair of our polarized sunglasses. They're everything you'd want for a fashionable, glare-free experience. Until next time...

One Love!

Dr. Jenna Zigler

PS: Check out my husband's, Dr. Travis Zigler, best sunglasses via price point.  

Price Brand Comments
>$150 Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar focuses all its R&D on lens technology, and it shows in the quality of vision that their sunglasses produce.  The absolute best that is out there!  ALL Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are polarized.  This is my choice for the best sunglasses brand. 


$100-$150 Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is more focused on style than lens technology and you will pay a little extra for the name.  NOT all Ray-Bans are polarized.  


$50-$100 Suncloud

Suncloud is similar to Eye Love in that they provide high quality polarized sunglasses at a lower price.  ALL Suncloud sunglasses are polarized.  


$25-$50 Eye Love

Hey, it's us!  We have eliminated the middle man and can bring you the high quality of brands like Ray-Ban and Suncloud with a lower price point.  ALL Eye Love's Sunglasses are polarized.   All products purchased also help someone in need.  Click Here to Shop Eye Love's Collection!

<$25 NEVER

Never purchase sunglasses that are less than $24.  These are RARELY polarized.  JUST SAY NO! :)



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