2019 Vivid Vision for Eye Love

The following is our 2019 Vivid Vision, which brings the future into the present and allows us to gain clarity on what we are building now. It is a detailed overview of what our business will look like, feel like, and act like three years out - by December 31, 2019. Sharing it with others helps it become reality!



2019 Vivid Vision for Eye Love

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that everyone deserves great vision. But 703 million people are blind due to lack of glasses. By providing affordable, high-quality products to our customers, we’re able to give a portion of the profits back to those who can neither afford nor obtain quality eye care in Jamaica and South Carolina.

Sunglasses Portfolio

As optometrists, we witness the daily struggle of people who desire to wear a well-made, stylish pair of sunglasses that also provides the proper eye protection they need. However, many of these sunglasses come with a high price tag. Our polarized sunglasses are here to bridge the gap between useless gas station knock-offs and unaffordable name brands, where all you’re paying for is the label. Each pair we sell is high-quality, 100% UV protected, and polarized. They’re the perfect fit for those stylish folks who desire a great pair of shades and superior eye protection. Looking forward, we will continue to add to our line of sunglasses by offering high-end pairs which retail for greater than $50. The addition of high-quality reading glasses will also enhance our spectacle portfolio and continue to provide excellent options for our customers. Many of these styles will be expanded into the European, Japanese, and Canadian Amazon markets in order to diversify our brand and increase revenue past $5 million.


Eye Wellness and Supplements Portfolio

In our offices, we prescribe supplements to many of our patients on a daily basis. Everything from dry eye and macular degeneration to glaucoma and diabetes can be supported by the correct vitamin supplementation. Our patients deserve access to quality products, and we see it as our duty to deliver. Our eye health supplements are geared toward those with specific eye diseases and are strongly regulated by us. Our other eye wellness products, such as our dry eye mask, provide therapeutic relief for those with specific eye conditions. Future goals include rolling out six additional supplements in the next few years, and these will join our Dry Eye Omega-3 and Ocular Health Formula.


Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community

We are doctors obsessed with dry eye. The DESSC is an engaging space meant to be a place where questions can be freely asked and honestly answered. As optometrists, we both see patients every day who suffer from this condition. We know firsthand how important it is to be upfront with our patients on the reality of dry eye disease. Yes, it currently requires lifelong treatment to experience true relief. There is no cure. However, we believe that through this community, patients suffering from dry eye can find a little bit of help and hope.

Macular Degeneration Support Community

We created this community as a place for people to come together that struggle with age-related macular degeneration. Questions can be confidently asked and will be honestly answered by others in the group and by us, using the knowledge that we have gained through years of practicing optometry. As optometrists, we both see patients every day who suffer from incurable eye disease. We know firsthand how important it is to be upfront with our patients on the reality of these conditions. Often, they can require lifelong treatment. We believe that this community will be a place where people suffering from these conditions can find hope and help for the future.

Eye Love Cares Foundation

It is the mission, duty and purpose of Eye Love Cares to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief to eradicate unnecessary blindness on a local and global level.

We see it as our duty to be available when we are capable to provide one of the most important yet basic human rights to ordinary people by giving them the vision they thought they had lost. This enables them to not only see the faces of their loved ones again, but also provide for themselves and their families through careers they may have lost to poor vision.

Although sight is one of our five senses, we believe that it is the most important one. Vision is an essential part of learning, working, and functioning in daily life. It is our duty to provide care, education, and outreach for those who need it most, with an emphasis on low- and middle-income, multicultural, and rural communities in both the United States and abroad. Resources will be directed toward grassroots organizations that work principally with these groups of people, and we pledge to contribute $300,000 to the Eye Love Cares Foundation by the end of 2019.

Eye Love Cares Clinics

As part of our current and future activities, organizing direct care clinics is one of the most important outreach efforts we participate in. Care clinics are conducted by volunteer optometrists, opticians, nurses, and others who believe in our mission. For at least two weeks per year, we set up clinics in Jamaica to aid those who have no access to quality eye care. Clinics provide much needed health screenings for hypertension and diabetes, comprehensive eye examinations, fittings for glasses and sunglasses, and surgical referrals as needed. Our future goal is to provide eye care to patients who can neither afford nor obtain eye care in an upscale environment that exceeds each patient’s expectation regardless of income or socioeconomic status.

This future endeavor includes building a freestanding office which would have our care clinic on one side and a boutique of Eye Love sunglasses and other products on the other. This office will be staffed by four full time employees who are trained to perform and excel in all aspects of the office. A separate customer service representative would be available to assist with any Eye Love purchases online and in store. The office will feature a customized shabby chic, French country design with wood flooring and an open ceiling. Two to four exam lanes would be available for patient care as well as a pre-testing room, contact lens teaching space, and an open, enhanced optical boutique.

Our Team

Our team has expanded, allowing us to scale an amazing business and free up some of our time to specifically work on areas of our unique ability. We utilize a select group of outsourced experts to catapult our business’ output and overall success. Three years from now, we hope to have a COO in place to take additional tasks away from our plate and allow us to laser focus into what we love doing. A marketing manager and eCommerce expert will assist with all areas of website development and SEO, while our social media manager will help cultivate the social networking experience for our customers. As always, one of the most important areas we focus on is customer service. This representative is truly an extension of us and is able to treat the customer with respect, fulfill their needs, and ensure that their experience with us is optimal. Along with the team running our ecommerce space, we will ideally be working in the Eye Love Cares Clinic along with four full time staff members trained to perform and excel in all areas of the office and patient care.

Communication and Customer Service

As stated previously, this is one of the most important areas our company focuses on. Our representative is truly a direct extension of us and always treats the customer with respect, fulfills their needs, and ensures that their experience with us is optimal. They realize that if a customer is unhappy for any reason, their duty is to promptly make it right and leave the customer excited about doing business with us.

Media and Marketing

The marketing for our company is largely automated and the implementation is completely outsourced. Our creative assets online are continually updated and the team in charge is incredible at keeping a pulse on our space so we can continue to deliver exactly what our customers and patients desire. In addition to this, we provide free education on preventable blindness through the dissemination of facts, charts, graphs, and statistics. We provide this information by presenting live media interviews, lectures and slideshows at public venues, such as Lion’s Club events.  These presentations focus on the causes, current efforts and solutions to preventable blindness. We will continue to provide free educational content on the vision crisis and on various eye conditions and topics on our blog and in our online communities. By offering educational events as well as our publications and website, Eye Love continues to educate the public on subjects useful to individuals and beneficial to the community and is advocating and defending those who deserve access to quality eye care.

How We Feel

We feel incredibly blessed to be able to do what we do. It’s not a fallacy that when you truly love what you do, success comes much more easily. We make a conscious effort to choose happiness and set worry aside so that we can focus our energy on growing our business and enhancing lives. One of the keys to making our life and business work is that we’re a team through and through. We’re partners in love, life, and business, and this makes for a special dynamic. Eye Love is the reason we wake up in the morning, the reason we’re able to help so many, and the reason we have such high expectations for where our business is going.

Core Values

We live by the core values we’ve set forth for our company. To hold ourselves accountable, we ask that people call us out on any deviation from these core values. These are the rules we live by --


One Love,

Drs. Jenna and Travis Zigler




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