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$ 60.00 $ 89.95you save $ 29.95

We created Heyedrate Lid & Lash Cleanser so you can stop worrying about your eyes, and start living the life you love.

      Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser

      Support natural defenses of the eyelids...and everywhere else

      This innovative spray is perfect for deep cleaning around your eyes, and it is a great solution for maintaining overall comfort.

      Vegan, all-natural support for your skin  

      Alcohol free, fragrance free, no parabens, no sulfates, and preservative free. This hypoallergenic diluted Hypochlorous Acid formula is gentle on your delicate skin.

      Proprietary, pure Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) spray

      A completely natural complement to your body’s healing capacity. Originally used as a wound care product and safe for daily use. Contains 0.015% Hypochlorous Acid, Electrolyzed Water, Sodium Chloride.


      Simply clean the eyelids of any debris or makeup and spray a cotton ball with the solution. Close eyelids and gently rub into the upper and lower lid and lash margin (or just let it dry...no need to rinse!) Repeat morning and evening for best results. This formula can also be used on any skin of the body, following the general steps above.

      2-Year Shelf Life!

      Made in the USA