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Rational Wellness Podcast 046: Eye Health with Dr. Travis Zigler

Rational Wellness Podcast 046: Eye Health with Dr. Travis Zigler 4

Rational Wellness Podcast 046

Dr. Travis Zigler speaks about Eye Health with Dr. Ben Weitz. 

Podcast Highlights

1:42  Dr. Zigler mentions some of the conditions of the eye that we can improve with diet and lifestyle changes, including dry eye, macular degeneration, gluacoma, and cataracts.

3:01  Dr. Zigler explains how to prevent and treat dry eye, including an anti-inflammatory plant based diet with lots of leafy green vegetables. He also recommends drinking a lot of water to hydrate the body and the eyes. Warm compresses and massage to the eyelids can help to soften and facilitate the flow of oil from the Meibomian glands that help to keep the eyes moist. Dr. Zigler also recommends using a spray cleanser on the eyes using hypocholous acid to kill bacteria that often develop on the eyelids and cause blepharitis.

6:52  We discussed the benefits of taking omega 3 fish oils and eating fish as well as whether it is a good idea or not to rub coconut oil into the eyes for lubrication.

9:22  There are a number of medications that can result in dry eyes, including antihistamines, decongestants, antidepressants, birth control medications, and blood pressure medications. Thyroid disease (both hyper and hypo), high blood pressure, and diabetes also tend to lead to dry eyes. Also post-menopausal hormone imbalances can result in dry eyes.

11:42  We talked about how blue light from computers, TVs, and phones results in dry eyes and macular degeneration.

13:50  Dr. Zigler explained dietary approaches that can help to prevent or reverse macular degeneration, including supplements like lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, zinc, and omega-3s, and eating kale and spinach. 

18:00  We discussed whether exercises for the eye, such as the Bates method, can help to improve eyesight. There is also something called vision therapy that helps the eyes to work together better and helps with conversion insufficiency, conversion excess, and a few other problems.

21:45  Dr. Zigler explained what causes floaters in the eye.

23:30  We discussed glaucoma and what can be done about it. 

28:20  Dr. Zigler discussed cataracts, what causes them, such as vitamin C deficiency, and what to do about cataracts.

Rational Wellness Podcast 046: Eye Health with Dr. Travis Zigler

Dr. Ben Weitz is available for nutrition consultations specializing in Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders like IBS/SIBO and Reflux and also specializing in Cardiometabolic Risk Factors like elevated lipids, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure as well as chiropractic work by calling the office 310-395-3111.

Eye Love Excellence Award for February

Eye Love Excellence Award for February 0

Unite For Sight, Eye Love Excellence Award, Dr. Travis Zigler

Unite For Sight 

At Eye Love, we really enjoy highlighting the great work other companies are doing in this world. We can all agree that if we all gave a little more of our time, money, and resources, the world would be a better place! This month, we're featuring Unite For Sight !

What they do

As a global health delivery organization, Unite For Sight partners with local eye clinics to develop strategies and to identify barriers that delay effective eye care delivery for patients living in extreme poverty. Unite For Sight believes in the social entrepreneurial vision and commitment of local medical professionals and work with existing profitable clinics to develop a unique outreach infrastructure. They develop and invests in the talent of local eye care leaders who have the determination and skill to create social enterprises that serve their communities' poorest people.

The Unite For Sight innovative programs in Ghana, Honduras, and India have provided quality care to more than 1.9 million poorest people in the world, including more than 99,000 sight-restoring surgeries. They were responsible for 92% of the cataract surgery increase in Ghana between 2008 and 2009. By 2010, five of the forty-five ophthalmologists in Ghana were partners of Unite For Sight, and these five ophthalmologists provide more than half of all surgeries performed in Ghana.


Unite For Sight develop high-impact social interventions to lift communities out of poverty and to eliminate preventable blindness worldwide by partnering with local eye clinics and collaborations with community leaders, governmental bodies, and hospitals to bring high-quality eye care to those living in extreme poverty.

How they started

They started as a small organization with 35 students. Jennifer Staple-Clark founded Unite For Sight in her dorm room when she was a sophomore at Yale University in 2000. Jennifer has developed Unite For Sight into a renowned global nonprofit organization that has provided eye care to 2.5 million of the world's poorest people in North America, Africa, and Asia.

How to donate

Unite for Sight urges you to take advantage of the convenience and security of giving online through their donation page. However you may call them if you would like to donate by credit card or you may alternatively submit a check by postal mail.

We love their mission to develop strategies and to identify barriers that delay effective eye care delivery for patients living in extreme poverty. We feel this falls  exactly in line with Eye Love’s mission to End Preventable Blindness for those in need. Together we can make a difference! Congratulations to them for receiving our Eye Love Excellence Award for February! Keep up the GREAT work!


One Love,

Dr. Travis Zigler, Dr. Jenna Zigler, Eye Love 

Drs. Jenna and Travis Zigler

Get Healthy - and Get Back to Your Life: Podcast with Dr. Michael Ruscio

Get Healthy - and Get Back to Your Life: Podcast with Dr. Michael Ruscio 0

Dr. Ruscio Radio, Dr. Travis Zigler, Eye Love

How Dysbiosis and Nutrient Deficiencies Impair Eye Health and Cause Everything from Dry Eye to Vision Problems with Dr. Travis Zigler

I had a great podcast interview with Dr. Michael Ruscio @drruscio. Check it out here!

Fast Facts Discussed on the Podcast:

Dry Eye

  • A multifactorial disease that can be caused by:
    • Dysfunction of oil glands (meibomian glands)
      • When oil glands cease to excrete oil onto the eye, it causes the eye to feel dry and irritated, which creates inflammation
    • Treatments/therapies to keep eyelids healthy
      • Keeping the eye clean is very important
      • Soap w/ tea tree oil can be used to kill demodex mites that live on the eyelashes
      • Chloric acid spray can be used to control overgrowth of bacteria
        • Overgrowth of mites or bacteria can cause inflammation
      • Eating healthy fats like omega 3-6 for healthy oil glands
      • Warm compress also helps get the oil glands working well
        • Warm (dry) rice in a sock, place it on the eye – helps to make the oil more liquid, massage the area to get the oils moving

Vision Problems

  • We are becoming more nearsighted as a society

  • Playing outside might help decrease nearsightedness

  • Vision therapy/therapist – training the muscles inside the eye to focus better

    • Mainly used for children who have the inability to focus or cross their eyes

    • There are quite a few diseases that cause this, the most common is Convergence Insufficiency

      • Other common diseases – Convergence Excess (over-crossed eyes), Accommodative Insufficiency

    • Not many doctors look for binocular issues

      • These conditions can sometimes present like ADD or ADHD because the child literally has issues with binocular focus

    • In-office therapy has the best results

      • There is a computer program you can do at home as well

Macular Degeneration

  • The Macula is your central vision
  • What causes macular degeneration?
    • Number one cause is age
      • Some signs in the 60s, often in the 70s and 80s
    • Number 2 – genetics
    • Number 3 – smoking (smokers have a 4x greater risk of developing MD) and diet
    • Vitamin deficiencies can be common; phytochemicals (leafy greens), vitamin A, C, and E
      • Free radicals cause damage to the macular tissue
  • Treatments
    • Green smoothies are great
    • Take a macular degeneration formula – Eye Love Ocular Health Formula
    • Sufficient vitamin A, C, E are the most important in this condition


  • Not much is known about what causes Glaucoma
  • Treated by lowering the pressure in the eye
  • Diet and overall health are important, typically appears in unhealthy patients


  • Not abnormal to have some cataract formation
  • Around the age of 40, the lenses become so thick you have trouble focusing (bending it)
    • 50s – vision starts to become blurry with distance and reading
    • 60s to 70s – vision starts to become cloudy
  • Any preventative measures?
    • Antioxidants can help prevent it from getting worse
    • Overall health – eat less processed food and sugar, eat more leafy greens


  • 80% of people have astigmatism of some kind, it is considered very normal depending on the severity of it

  • What causes it?

    • The front curvature of your eye isn’t shaped perfectly round

    • When light comes into the eye it gets focused on two points instead of one

    • Therapies like contact lenses and glasses help focus the two points into one

  • Preventative measures
    • Orthokeratology or CRT
      • Special night-time contact lenses can then help all the next day
      • Has been shown to reduce the progression of nearsightedness by 50%
      • A lot of doctors are not aware of this

General Eye Care Advice

  • Get your yearly eye exams

Where to find more about Dr. Travis Zigler’s free live events, products, website, and book

A Medicinal Mind Episode 027: Dr. Travis Zigler, Functional Eye Health

A Medicinal Mind Episode 027: Dr. Travis Zigler, Functional Eye Health 0

A Medicinal Mind Episode 027: Dr. Travis Zigler, Functional Eye Health

A Medicinal Mind Episode 027


On this Podcast Dr. Travis Zigler describes his framework for understanding eye disease, seeing systemic chronic inflammation as a much greater contribution to the health of our eyes than when classically think.

Dr. Travis Zigler then shares his revolutionary business model, turning the classic optometry clinic on its head in order to create a flourishing online business and education platform that has enabled him and his wife to fund larger scale mission trips to provide eye exams to those who otherwise would go without.

We explore the evolution and success of new businesses driven by foundational missions and core values as compared to the simple pursuit of growing the size of a business.

We then get back into the medical space as Dr.Travis Zigler offers his insights into some of the most common conditions he sees affecting the eye and how he seeks to help his patients heal.

We explore the role of a plant based diet, supplements such as fish oil, the integration of regular eyelid cleaning and the protection of one’s eyes from blue light as some of the most effective ways to prevent many of the common chronic eye conditions.

Jumping from dry eye and cataracts to disrupted sleep from blue light exposure and myopia, Dr. Travis Zigler offers so much practical insights into how we can effectively keep our eyes and our entire bodies healthy as we age.

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