We love sharing stories from our customers.  Sandra Henning wrote us on May 14 to share her story!   I previously purchased 3 bars of the Tea Tree Face Soap (as well as the Lid & Lash Cleanser), the BEST products I've used in a long, long time!  I'm writing to ask if I might get my next bar free, as stated on the label? Just a brief history: I'm a 69-year old woman who began wearing contacts in my senior year of high school, and continued wearing contacts exclusively until...


 Why you should NOT use Visine and Cleareyes by Dr. Travis Zigler   Hey there, Dr. Travis Zigler here from Eye Love. We’ve been getting a lot of activity on our blog in our website lately regarding Visine and Cleareyes and our articles about why you should not use something like Visine and Cleareyes has been getting a lot of attraction. So, I wanted to do a quick video on it. The reason that you don’t want to take Visine or Cleareyes, it has a substance in it called “tetrahydrozoline”....



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