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5 Best Moisture Chamber Glasses and Goggles

December 05, 2016 5 min read

Having dry, irritated eyes means that you might have insufficient tear production, poor tear quality, itching, burning and redness of the eyes, and other painful and irritating symptoms. Causes vary and can include overuse of the television and other electronics such as cellphones, computers, and tablets, ill-fitting contact lenses, diseases of the glands of the eyelids, and several common disorders which prevent the eyelids from fully closing during sleep.

For those currently suffering from dry, irritated eyes, a moisturizing sleep mask or a set of sleep goggles could help support healthy eyes and mitigate some of the issues you're facing. Below are a few of the symptoms you may experience with dry, irritated eyes, so you can know if you may benefit from a pair of moisture chamber goggles or glasses:

  • Red eyes
  • Irritation and burning
  • Eye fatigue or tired eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred or fluctuating vision
  • Difficulty seeing to drive at night
  • Pain¬†or aching feeling in the eyes
  • Fluctuations between watery eyes and dryness
  • Intolerance to contact lenses
  • Sensation that something is in the eyes

Before we get into the Goggles, here's a rundown of my nightly routine for irritated eyes:

1. Remove all makeup thoroughly and wash face with the Heyedrate Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash. This product contains 19 plant botanicals and extracts designed to support healthy skin.

2. Use the MediViz Warm Compress Mask with Removable Cover to heat up your meibomian glands and allow those oils to flow freely. 

mediviz mask

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3. Follow this with the Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser. Simply spray it onto a cotton ball or round, rub over your closed eyelids and let it dry. You can use your favorite moisturizer of choice after that, and I'm a huge fan of the Heyedrate Eye Cream and Face Moisturizer because you can use it all over your face, eyelids, and neck without worry.  

lid and lash cleanser

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What are Moisture Chamber Glasses and Goggles?

Moisture chamber goggles are usually fitted with foam contours to adhere perfectly to the face, creating a safe, non-abrasive seal to keep in moisture. All major brands are adjustable for fit, and the moisturizing pads that sometimes come with the glasses can be inserted into the lenses and sized to accommodate the depth of the eye socket. The benefits they provide include:

  • Sealing eyes off from air and contaminants
  • Keeping the tear film intact overnight
  • Helping eyes stay closed during sleep
  • Preventing unconscious rubbing and scratching of the eyes during sleep
  • Blocking out wind, insects, and flying debris while outdoors

The delicate pressure exerted by a pair of well-fitted moisturizing goggles helps to fully close the eyes at night and, depending on the pair chosen, helps shield the eyes from dirt, wind, dust, and other particles while working or exercising outside.

Moisture chamber glasses worn at night may help your eyes function better during the day and may help safeguard against some eye issues.

Some people find that moisture chamber spectacles may be helpful for exercising or working outdoors as well, especially during activities such as running or biking, mowing the lawn, and working in the garden.

5 Best Moisture Chamber Glasses and Goggles

There are several leading brands of moisture chamber sleep masks and goggles. They all provide different benefits for your eyes and vision, and we'll discuss these benefits in detail.

1. TranquilEyes Travel and Sleep Kit:

This kit includes one pair of Tranquileyes goggles, one set of black foam inserts, one spare set of foam, and one mesh wash bag for cleaning. These goggles can help provide natural nighttime eye support, sheltering the eyes from drafts, dust, and low humidity environments.

The innovative removable moisture pads can be soaked in water, which increases humidity and slows tear evaporation. The pads can also be frozen to help reduce puffiness and migraines. We love that this is a complete set that can be used to not only block out air and dust during sleep, but also keep the eyelids tightly closed at night.

TranquilEyes Travel and Sleep Kit

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2. 7eye Chubasco SharpView Glasses (Clear)

These are great because they can work for during the day, even while outdoors or when working near a window. The 7eye have fixed air shield foam cups which provide full protection against wind, dirt, pollen, and irritants. They are best suited for adventure sports (motorcycling, skiing, fishing, etc.) and are great for dryness sufferers for use during the day.

Even better, these are 100% UVA protected to ensure that you're getting the most protection for your sensitive eyes. This set includes a zipper case, microfiber bag, leash, and sticker. The polycarbonate lenses give you a strong foundation. Sharp view lenses with anti-fog coating are tapered and de-centered to provide you with brilliant clarity and glare-cutting capability. 

7eye Chubasco SharpView Glasses

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3. Eyeseals 4.0 Hydrating Sleep Mask

This pair of sleep moisture goggles gently shelters eyes from CPAP air leaks, air drafts and low humidity environments while creating a moisture rich environment. They're lightweight and comfortable, and the Eyeseals 4.0 hydrating sleep mask is clear, allowing you to wake up to daylight if you wish.

The mask is hypoallergenic, latex-free and made in the USA. It's recommended for nighttime use in patients that have issues with their eyelids fully closing at night. They may also be beneficial for those who deal with persistent erosions of the cornea.  This pair of goggles is great for air travel, since the dry environment in the airplane can be super uncomfortable for most with irritated eyes.

Eyeseals 4.0 Hydrating Sleep Mask

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4. 7eye Chubasco Photochromic Sunglasses

These actually transition into sunglasses when you go outdoors, so they're the best of both worlds. These are great because they can work for during the day, even while outdoors or when working near a window.

The 7eye have fixed air shield foam cups which provide full protection against wind, dirt, pollen, and irritants. They are best suited for adventure sports (motorcycling, skiing, fishing, etc.) and are great for dryness sufferers for use during the day. These have the fastest color-changing lens on the market. This lens starts off clear and darkens to gray in bright conditions. Win-win!

7eye Chubasco Photochromic Sunglasses

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5. MediViz Warm Compress with Removable Cover

You may be wondering how this one made the list, but it's due to the versatility of this mask. This reusable eye mask not only provides effective warm and cold  for the eyes, but is also super comfortable and relaxing to use. Use this mask as a warm compress by placing it in the microwave for 20 seconds, use it as a cold compress by placing it in the freezer for 2 hours, or wear it overnight if you wish. It even comes with a removable cover that you can just throw in your washing machine!

removable cover mask

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