How to Pick The Right Eye Drops for Your Dry Eye

Have you ever walked down the eye care aisle at your local pharmacy or grocery store and seen all of the tears available? The choices seem infinite! Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:


  • Avoid any Visine products.  These products are designed to decrease the amount of redness in your eyes, not to decrease your dryness. In addition, these drops can cause rebound redness some time later making your eyes look more red and more uncomfortable than before.


  • For sensitive eyes, use preservative-free tears. Do you have problems with your eyes burning or turning red after using tears from a bottle? You may be sensitive to preservatives in those tears which are designed to keep the tears sterile and increase their shelf life. In those cases, preservative free tears may be the answer. These come in boxes of single use vials and may be more comfortable. Just remember to throw the vials away after each use!


  • If you wear contact lenses, use contact lens specific rewetting drops. Regular lubricating drops can be thick and adhere to your contacts causing blurred or hazy vision for hours after use. Drops designed for contact lenses are not as thick as other artificial tears and will not cause blurred vision for very long. They will be labeled as “rewetting drops” or “for contact lenses.”


If you are still unsure on which drop to use, your local eye care provider can suggest specific drops just for you. Do you have a favorite eye drop you like to use?


One Love,

Dr. Travis Zigler

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Kathy Holland on November 25 2016 at 12:24PM

I have been dealing with the dry eye problem for 8 years.Medical help in my area is pitiful. I was mostly told to use OTC eye drops, and my problem is a progressive downhill journey that has taken over my quality of life. I used Restasis over a year/no help. My ophthalmoligist told me 4-5 years ago that my oil gland were stopped up, and he used a needle to open them, so some oil got out, but they soon stopped up again. He had me trying many drops, OTC/presc. Eyes hurt, light sensitive,dry scratchy,drops run right out,spend hours with eyes closed, cold compress, little driving, no makeup, trapped in my room, can’t go outside. Discovered Dry Eye Clinic at Callahan Eye Foundation at U.A.H.Birmingham, Al. Have been following 3 month program—-4,000 mg. amino acids day, warm eye mask, Restasis(2x) Retaine, Oasis,Prokera, both eyes (helped some, not long.) To have test for Lipiflow Nov.29. Feel like my life is over at 64. My grandmother had this, and my younger brother is just beginning . I don’t have money for lipiflow even if it works. I am depressed, tired, and hopeless.

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