Severe Dry Eye? Try a New Surgical Procedure

Severe Dry Eye? Try a New Surgical Procedure

Jun 21, 2017Dr. Travis Zigler

Severe Dry Eye? Try a New Surgical Procedure

If you have tried everything for your dry eye and are experiencing constant and debilitating pain, then a new surgical procedure could be your answer.  This is for someone who has tried steroid eye drops, Restasis drops, autologous serum drops, scleral contact lenses, punctual plug occlusion, and everything else.

Autologous Salivary Gland Transplantation (ASGT) is a surgical option for dry eye that involves removing a salivary gland (from glands in the mouth that produce saliva) and relocating it to the upper eyelid to release saliva onto the ocular surface.  

In a study by Jacobsen, 53% of patients reported satisfaction five years post-surgery, while 13% were indifferent and about 33% were dissatisfied. 

Complications of ASGT include swelling of the front of the eye and initial loss of tear production.

There is very limited research on this procedure because it is limited to patients with severe dry eye that have exhausted all their options.  Let us know what your thoughts are on this newer procedure. Would you try it?

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 Dr. Travis Zigler, Eye Love

Dr. Travis Zigler

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