What is the Best Eye Care Before Cataract Surgery?

What is the Best Eye Care Before Cataract Surgery?

Mar 28, 2018Dr. Travis Zigler

Preparation For Cataract Surgery

Are punctal plugs and Restasis a good strategy to get post LASIK dry eyes under control before cataract surgery? I’m doing everything else you recommend in your “Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment” book.

Yes, I believe so. It depends on the inflammation, though. If your eyes are inflamed already, putting plugs in doesn’t always help that. I would say you probably want to do the Restasis. If you are on the Restasis, that is great, continue on the Restasis. We would put patients on that just before cataract surgery just to knock down that inflammation, get them feeling better, but you don’t want to put punctal plugs in if your eyes are really inflamed with a lot of gunk because it is just going to plug it up and the bad stuff will not be able to drain out. I would absolutely go for the Restasis. Then, if your eyes are not too inflamed, punctal plugs are something to consider.

If my patient has dry eye, no matter how are we treating them, I always put them on a steroid or Restasis before cataract surgery for at least a month. That just helps reduce inflammation in the eye and gives you better outcomes. I also put 100% of our patients on our spray. The spray is a natural antiseptic, meaning it kills all the bad bugs and bacteria around your eyelids and enhances your natural immune response. I have seen some really good results with getting your eyelids, as well as the surface of your eyes, pretty much rid of the inflammation before you get your cataract surgery.


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