Will The NuLids System Be The Answer For Your Dry Eye Disease?  For those with dry eye disease due to meibomian gland dysfunction (which is a whopping 85% of you!), finding reliable treatment options can be exhausting. You've possibly tried everything from eye drops and lid cleansers to Lipiflow and warm compress eye masks. There are so many treatments out there and, unfortunately, you may need to use quite a few before finding relief. So, enter a new device and procedure for your dry eye arsenal... How To Use The NuLids Device What...


Meibomian Gland Probing What do you think of MGD probing? It is not something that we actively do on patients. When somebody comes in, I will express their glands but we don’t actively probe them. Yes, I think that there are definitely other doctors out there that do that and I am sure there are patients out there that benefit from it. However, I think if you are doing everything with your diet correctly, and you have all of that under control, you shouldn’t have to have your meibomian glands...


MGD and Diet I have MGD and had IPL with my doctor today. My oil varies from good quality all the way to toothpaste. What can I do?  Looks like she has used Avenova as well as our spray. She uses a tea tree oil cleanser religiously and she does IPL. She does warm compresses and massages, fish oil, and Doxycycline. Basically, she wants to know of some other things that can help with her meibomian glands. There is a little bit of a discussion under her question about steroid...



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