Can Ocular Ointment at Night Cause Your Glands to Clog More?

Can Ocular Ointment at Night Cause Your Glands to Clog More? 0

For all of us using ointment at night, will this clog the glands even more than they already are? 

No, I don’t see any issues with using an ointment at night. The ointment is not going to stay there forever, it’s not going to clog up your glands even more. That all has to do with the type of oil that the glands in your eyelids are producing. It’s good to keep your eyelids clean, but you should be cleaning your eyelids morning and evening anyway, so you’re going to clean it off in the morning if there is any ointment left. It mostly has to come down to what oil your body is producing more than anything.

Then, this goes back to the artificial tears discussion where we say that’s just covering up a problem and not fixing it. I only prescribe ointments for my patients that don’t close their eyes completely when they’re sleeping at night. Just having that lack of closure is a little tougher to solve because that’s usually caused by thyroid disease or just a lack of muscle tone. So when they have that gap between their lids, wind is going by their eye all night long and that’s when I put an ointment on there. I very rarely put an ointment on and then a recurrent corneal erosion as well. That’s about it.


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Why Do My Eyes Water?

Why Do My Eyes Water? 0

The Reason for Watering Eyes

Any Recommendations to Stop the Constant Tears Coming out of My Eyes?

Usually, tears are from meibomian gland dysfunction. MGD is your oil glands not getting out of your eye. The front layer of your tears is an oil layer and if the oil layer is not getting out because of obstruction due to what we have talked about previously, then your glands can become clogged. You need to be doing omega 3s, warm compresses, the lid spray, and taking care of the eyelids. If the oil layer starts to break down, what happens is your eye feels like there is something in it.

There is a different part of you eyelid called lacrimal gland that causes watery tears. If the oil layer breaks down, your eye feels like it has something in it, then your brain tells your lacrimal gland to start watering because that will wash out whatever you have in it.  You and I both know you don’t have anything in it and you are just irritated. Think if you got a stick in your eye, your eye waters a lot to get it out. That is a just a reflex mechanism that we have. When the oil layer breaks down it makes you tear. Why is it one eye over the other? Could be the way you sleep, could be allergies, could be dust, it could be anything. If you are not taking a really great omega 3, that could be something to start with as well.

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