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Regener-Eyes - Next Generation In Eye Drops For Dry Eye & Inflammation

May 07, 2020 4 min read

What is Regener-Eyes®?

This innovative medication is a pure biologic eye drop made with cytokines and proteins from the placenta. Placental tissue is obtained through a 501c3 organization. There are no stem cells used and no preservatives, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive eyes. It is a sterile ophthalmic solution made from natural substances, and it is a great treatment for dry eye disease and other corneal conditions.

Regener-Eyes is different from autologous serum in that no blood needs to be drawn from the patient. With autologous serum, you must have blood drawn to be compounded into an eye drop made specifically for you. Regener-Eyes uses donor placental tissue to formulate their biologic eye drops without drawing any blood. With this medication, you’re using a stronger biologic coming from much younger tissue that has more significant healing properties.

Regener-Eyes does have studies that show the potential for regenerating meibomian glands, which is a big deal since there isn’t much research so far that shows this for any therapy. One study showed regeneration in as little as three months, which is significant and especially noteworthy for those with meibomian gland atrophy from MGD.

How does one determine suitability for Regener-Eyes?

This is great for anyone with mild to severe dry eye disease. If you know you’re suffering, there is a Regener-Eyes for you. The regular, professional strength is for those who have more severe disease, and the lite formulation is great for those with mild disease. Regener-Eyes can also be used for the healing of corneal abrasions, corneal wounds, some degenerations, and any disease affecting the cornea (the front of the eye) or the eyelids. It regenerates cellular activity and actually heals the eye rather than simply covering up a symptom or problem.

Regener- Eyes

What are side effects of Regener-Eyes? 

One of the beauties of using natural biologic medications is that there are very minimal side effects, if any. In fact, with the thousands of patients who have used Regener-Eyes, the company has seen absolutely zero side effects. This medication is actually healing your eyes and is not an artificial tear.

Results are seen as soon as 10 days, but within six months dramatic results can be seen with this eye drop. It is not something that necessarily needs to be used long term, like some pharmaceutical medications, but your body may take a while to heal itself depending on the severity of disease. 

What is the cost of a Regener-Eyes? Does insurance cover them?

Regener-Eyes is not covered by insurance, but this may eventually happen. You can expect to spend $195 per bottle or $156 per bottle if you purchase three at a time. The professional strength does need to be refrigerated, while the lite version does not require this. You can look to pay $74.95 per bottle for Regener-Eyes Lite ($64.95 per bottle if you purchase a three month supply). 

There is no money-back guarantee on this dry eye drop, but the majority of patients will have success with the medication if they allow it the time to work. 

Where can patients buy Regener-Eyes?

It’s important to begin with a three month supply when starting this medication. We rarely ever prescribe a medication like this in only a one month supply because we know that it takes time for the cornea to heal. If you’re interested in Regener-Eyes, talk with your eye doctor. If they don’t already prescribe this drop,send them to the website and ask them to. 

As we discussed, the medication is available in two different formulations through your eye doctor.The recommended dosage for Regener-Eyes® Lite is 1 - 4 drops per eye / day - based on your physician’s recommendation. The recommended dosage for Regener-Eyes® Professional Strength is 1 - 4 drops per eye / day depending on severity and your physician's recommendation. For corneal wound healing and post-surgical healing, follow your doctor’s recommendations.


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About Regener-Eyes®

Regener-Eyes® is a first in class biologic eye drop. The science of regenerative medicine focuses on stimulating the body's own natural ability to heal, repair, and regenerate, and this is what Regener-Eyes brings to the table.

Regener-Eyes® is a sterile biologic eye drop made of anti-inflammatory cytokines and growth factors. These kinds of proteins have been shown to reduce inflammation and help stimulate the ocular surface to heal, repair, and regenerate. These proteins are necessary for cell function, overall health, and homeostasis. Regener-Eyes®contains naturally occurring anti-inflammatory cytokines, growth factors, and chemokines such as VEGF, TGFβ1, TGFβ3, EGF, HC-HA/PTX-C.PTX-3 (Pentraxin 3), IL-1Ra , PDGF, ST2, bFGF, KGF, Collagen Types I, III, IV, V and GDF11 to help your eyes heal.