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How To Help Eye Strain From Computer and Fluorescent Lighting

May 05, 2020 2 min read

How To Best Handle Fluorescent And Computer Lighting?

First off, with the computer and fluorescent, use the blue-block glasses on your computer. That's always going to help with reflection. Anytime you get glasses that are for the computer,  you want to have anti-reflective coating or non-glare coating and blue-block coating as well. They're pretty much the same thing. When you get blue-block coating, you'll have anti-reflective coating. 

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Then the 20-20-20 rule plays a part in this as well. Every twenty minutes of screen time take twenty seconds to look at something 20ft. away or further. That just relaxes your eyes and makes you blink. There are also computer apps that you can put on your browser that will tell you to rest every 20 minutes and they'll actually pop up to alert you when it’s been 20 minutes and when it’s time to look away.

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The only other suggestion I have is, I don't know what type of environment you're working in but, if you do have control over the overhead lighting bring in a lamp or something different besides that really harsh lighting. I know in our exam rooms we have really harsh overhead lighting but I never use that. I always use the dimmer light, not only because we're Optometrists, but because it would bother my eyes to have that on all the time. I don't know if you can control it, but if you can get a light that's a little bit dimmer and a little bit softer it should help. When you're looking at lamps and the bulbs, look for the soft white or that kind of warm white. You don't want “daylight” because that's the fluorescent look.

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Dr. Travis Zigler

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