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What are the Best Eye Drops for Dry Sensitive Eyes?

February 26, 2018 1 min read

Eye Drops 

What eye drops does Dr. Jenna use during the day that she finds most helpful?

Pregnancy has been a blessing to me. I have not have too much dry eye, which is wonderful! Then, I went back to Ohio and that was awful. Humidity must have something to do with it here in South Carolina. My eyes have not been too bad.

I really like Retain, if I am going to recommend a drop to anyone including myself. I use it myself. It is going to be Retain MGD. I believe that is the one I normally use. Then Retain CMC is the one we recommend with contact lenses because it does not have the white milkiness.

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Dr. Travis and Jenna

Dr. Jenna Zigler and Dr. Travis Zigler

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July 08, 2020

Thank you for your question, Barbara. You may have more luck with our Heyedrate lid and lash spray!

Barbara Goldfuss
Barbara Goldfuss

July 08, 2020

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what kind of eye drops i can get for extremely dry eye with Blepheritis.Ive used Systene reg origional and systene perservative free and they are all irriating me .

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