Stop Painful Dry Eyes When Using Your Computer or Smartphone

Stop Painful Dry Eyes 

The eyes are delicate organs. They must be taken care of and regularly checked. The sensitivity of the eyes opens the door for numerous complications should they be left uncared for. One of the unexpected illnesses people can get from poor eye care is called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Another common name of this illness is Digital Eye Strain.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Technology advances rapidly, and we use it in our everyday lives. People around the world benefit from computers and the information they can process. But this shouldn't encourage anyone to overlook the responsibility we all have to practice good eye care. When your eyes are strained for long periods of time, major troubles can occur rapidly.

In today's world, straining the eyes too much can be a direct result of constant eye adjustments from using cell phones, computer screens, e-readers, and tablet devices. It's becoming a larger issue that many are facing with the introduction of computer screens into everyday life. And for the people dealing with this, discomfort only increases as they continue using computers and digital technology.

It's said that an average person goes to work and often uses their computer for roughly seven hours daily. If someone already has a disposition toward eye afflictions, then complications are likely to occur.

Typical Signs and Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

The symptoms about to be listed are usually caused by the following: ongoing issues with sight, poor lighting, bad posture, viewing objects too far or too close, glare on the screen, and any combination of these leading factors. From these factors, the presence of Digital Eye Strain results in blurred vision, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, dry eyes, and eye strain.

Different people will experience symptoms differently. The factors depend on their current eye conditions and how often they're using digital monitors to view information. Special conditions like astigmatism, presbyopia, farsightedness, and poor eye coordination lead to many complications from using computer screens.

Luckily for most, these symptoms are temporary as long as users also stop working at their computer screens. For some, however, these symptoms will continue. This is when it's most important to seek treatment and medical advice. If not, the symptom persists and can worsen. The best steps to take for relieving CVS are reducing glare with a computer cover or anti-reflective lenses, controlling the light in your workspace, and improving posture. Sit up straight!

How many hours do you work on the computer per day? Do you notice an increase in dryness and eyestrain?

One Love,

Dr. Travis Zigler

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