How to Treat Dry Eyes if Warm Compresses Don't Work

Dry Eye Management

If warm compresses don’t work, what other options are there?

With warm compresses, a study came out that says they do not really help with dry eye itself or meibomian gland dysfunction. They just help out with the relief of symptoms. That is just a study. That is just one. If it works for you, do it. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t bother doing it. It is not going to cause any harm if you do not do it, but I recommend doing it because even though the study says one thing it does not mean the study is correct.

You really have to look in between the lines. This was a good study, but again that is just a group of people and they are human just like you and I. There are errors in the studies occasionally. When you read studies, you can’t believe them fully. You have to look at different factors. You have to look at how many people were studied and what the conditions were because obviously double blind studies are the best, but very often that is not what is done. 

If warm compresses do not work for you, we have so many other options that you can try. You can go to and put in your information to get emails from us about how to treat dry eye. There are tons of ideas that we have come up with for you guys. We really encourage that!


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Jenna Zigler

Hey Marie! Yes, you should be fine using both. – Dr. Jenna Zigler

Marie Fry

I order you eye lid cleanser and soap. I have to take prednisone eye drops and neomycin polymyxin B, Dexameth ointment. Can I use the lid cleanser while taking the drops and ointment for my lids?


Good blog and study and I agree that warm compresses only gives you temporary relief and it doesn’t really help with dry eye itself or meibomian gland dysfunction.

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