Important Contraindications and Side Effects of Xiidra

Important Contraindications and Side Effects of Xiidra


The FDA says Xiidra's safety was assessed in four separate studies. Over 1,000 mostly female patients, ages 19 to 97, participated. This might have been because other studies show that dry eye mainly affects women. They received either placebo eye drops or Xiidra eye drops to be used twice a day for twelve weeks. Those treated with Xiidra had a lot more improvement in the signs and symptoms of dry eyes than those who received the placebo.  There were no differences between older and younger patients.

No matter how safe a drug appears, there are always side effects. Xiidra is no different. Common side effects include eye irritation, eye discomfort, blurred vision, and an unusual or unpleasant taste in the mouth. The experience of the taste is called dysgeusia. None of those symptoms are cited as reasons to discontinue the medication, even by the FDA, and side effects can be expected with any medication!

Though Xiidra’s trials used 76% women, none of them were pregnant or breastfeeding mothers so it may be included amongst contraindications. There is no evidence to support or deny that it may be harmful to pregnant women, so those who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant should consult with their doctor. It is also unknown if Xiidra can harm a baby through breast milk. Breastfeeding mothers should talk to their doctors as well.

People who wear contact lenses can use Xiidra, with a few caveats. They should take the lenses out before use and should also wait 15 minutes before putting their lenses back in. The same sanitary measures that apply to wearing contacts, like having clean hands and not contaminating anything that will touch the eye, applies to the use of Xiidra.

Allergic reactions to Xiidra are more serious than the side effects, but they are few. They include breaking out in hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and/or throat. Any such reaction should be reported to emergency medical personnel and to the company. If persistent vision problems or severe redness or irritation occur, a person is advised to discontinue use of Xiidra and call their doctor to discuss what to do next.

When left untreated, dry eye syndrome can lead to pain, ulceration, and scars on the cornea. It can also make everyday tasks difficult or nearly impossible. Xiidra can help with those things, but it is advisable to know the risks of any drug one takes to cure symptoms. Only a doctor can prescribe it and any concerns should be discussed with them. Have you tried Xiidra? If not, what excites you about this new medication option?

One Love,

Dr. Travis Zigler

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I’ve been on Xiidra for 9 months with tolerable side effects such as blurry vision temporarily, bad taste in my mouth and nasal drip but the 2 things that bother me which not many people have discussed, except one, is the “loss of taste” and “loss of good vision” These are a concern as I love the taste of food and also don’t want to lose my good vision. The one person said vision loss was documented by her opthomologist. These are big concerns because I’m noticing my vision changing. The last thought is that if a person with Mybomian Gland Dysfunction, as I have (dry eye syndrome) doesn’t have intervention I read that they do worse damage (scratch cornea etc.)


I started using Xiidra May 2019 and at first had the same burning and bad taste others have mentioned but they diminished after a few weeks. I still experience blurry vision for at least 30 minutes after use. My dry eye symptoms completely diminished. However, by August I was experiencing extreme mucus and itching in both eyes and I mean EXTREME along with more inflammation. All day and night slime would seep out of my eyes and cause skin to itch, I had tissues everywhere, constantly wiping. Thought I had an infection but Dr informed me others experiencing same extreme mucus issues. I cut back usage to once a day for two weeks, then cut back to once every other morning and now thinking of stopping Xiidra use altogether. I’ve stepped up hot lid compresses. I’m having IPL for Ocular Rosacea and LipiFlow treatments beginning next week. All in all, the Xiidra really helped dry eye but unfortunately created other slimy, itchy issues that I can’t live with.


I have had flashes of light too a few times. And I have had sinusitis/staff in my nose since I started it and have finally broken down and started an antibiotic. Xiidra has been great for the dry eyes but with these side affects I don’t know that I can keep taking it . The burning and blurry vision lasts a bit as well. And like some others I have redness around the rim of my eye


Hey Nanette, Yes, blurry vision is a typical side effect of Xiidra. The watering could be due to allergy season or possibly clogged meibomian glands. Here is link to our MGD blog. Please let us know if you have any other questions. You can also reach out to your Dr. or Xiidra customer service if this is impairing your daily tasks.

Nanette Choate

I have been using Xiidra for about 5 weeks and it has really helped but yesterday I started having constant tearing in only one eye.
It feels nice to have tears again but this kind of alarms me as I have to keep blinking to clear my vision in that eye. Will this stop after


I just started the Xiidra last night, and hate to hear all of the side effects and problems people are having. Last night was the first night I woke up in the middle of the night and my eyes were not dry! I was very happy that the Xiidra worked so well and fast, but now will be cautious going forth, as it may take a while for side effects of Xiidra to happen. I can see so much clearer and my eyes are not irritated any longer. But, I have only used it 2 times. I’m hoping for the best, and sorry for everyone else having problems. I used Restasis for 3 months with no results at all.


Seeing these posts has helped me link some weird health changes to Xiidra and I am going to talk to my doctor about stopping it. I’ve been on xiidra two weeks and it’s made a difference already with dry eye, but my throat, ears, and nasal cavities itch like crazy all the time. Even while on allergy medication for seasonal allergies. I’ve also been congested almost like I would be if I had a sever cold, but I don’t. Thanks for reporting your side effects. I won’t be taking this anymore.


I have been using Xiidra for 5 months and my dry eye is better. But my eyes look worse! I have lots of burring, and weird redness/yellowness. My eyes never looked like this before. Is anyone experiencing this weird symptom? I don’t think I can continue this anymore!

Has anyone heard of this before?

Thanks so much!


I had very bright flashes of light too. Very scary. Not taking this anymore!!!

Connie Borozenski

I just starting taking Xiidra about 5 days. I get pressure in my head but it goes away after an hour. My sinuses bother me I also get bumps that appear in the back of my tongue. Some go away and some are still there. I don’t know if I should stop taking it or it will go away.


I have temporary burning on instillation of Xiidra and blurred vision which seems to be getting increasingly worse. I plan to contact my Dr.for a replacement due to above mentioned side effects and also due to the excessive cost.


I have developed a rash on both my lower legs since starting this……is this normal or related?


I have been using Xiidra for three weeks, accompanied by a steroid drop for the first ten days. In addition to the mild eye irritation and unpleasant taste in the mouth, the side effects I am experiencing are unusual pain/sensitivity at the inner corners of my eyes and dry throat.

Jenna Zigler

Hey Margaret. Sounds like you’re reacting to the Xiidra so you should probably discontinue (you could try wiping it, but it likely won’t help). I would also, like to suggest our Heyedrate Lid & Lash Cleanser! Sounds like it could really help you out! Click the following link:

One Love,
Dr. Jenna Zigler


I have been using Xiidra for 3-4 weeks, and my dry eye has improved dramatically. However, an uncomfortable side effect has caused me to discontinue use. My skin of my eyelids (especially the inner corners, top and bottom) have become very dry and scaly and puffy. Any suggestions to reduce this? I stopped using Xiidra because of that, but by eyes became very dry again. It may be that the drops came in contact with the eyelid skin and sat there for a while, and over time, caused dryness/scaliness. I discontinued Xiidra, but my eyes got very dry again. I am wondering if I immediately wipe off any excess off my lids, will this help? Any suggests, comments are welcomed. M.

Dr. Travis Zigler

Hey Nell. Consult your doctor. We don’t usually prescribe Xiidra for our patients until all other natural remedies are tried. You can learn more at
One Love,
Dr. Travis Zigler


I have been using xxidra for about 2 months. The past month I’ve noticed my eyes draining pale yellow mucus for about 2 hours after using the drops. My eyes seem to water excessively (which was occurring in only one eye prior to starting these drops). Overall I would say the drops are helping, but this mucus production and watery eyes are bothersome. What do you think???

ashley - operations manager

Hey Diane. you really need to contact your doctor about the side effects. Since we don’t make Xiidra we can’t give advice. You could also contact the company.


Since using xiidra for about 3-4 months …I always get burning and blurry vision and increased tearing immediately after instillation along with bad taste in mouth ..but I also have noticed that my vision seems to be worse overall ..can’t read smaller print as well ..also the blurriness sometimes continues for an hour, in addition I am wondering if this drug can cause post-nasal drip since my “snortiness” is really bad and had improved when I ran out of my prescription for a couple days. I am having to pop cough drops constantly and I do think my constant clearing of throat Andy nasal passages is annoying to myself and others.

Angela R

Hello, I have been taking this for 3 weeks and this constant bad taste is all the time in my mouth. My drainage and phlegm taste like it also. It tastes salty. Has anyone else experienced this? Having the bad taste all the time .


I started taking xiidra about 4 days ago. Since starting the eye drops, I have noticed my tongue has become itchy (mainly on the tip) it’s not red or swollen but I’m curious if this would be classified as an allergic reaction or if my mouth may just be more sensitive and needs time to adjust.

Ashley Operations Manager at Eye Love

Hey Sue. These do sound like common side effects that we have heard before. However, you should really check with the company Xiidra and visit your doctor to be sure. One Love, Ashley

Sue McLaughlin

I have been using xiidra since September. About two weeks after I started, my eyelids have been swollen, and under my eyes has been very puffy. Are these side effects? I also still experience stinging when put the xiidra in and the unpleasant taste in the back of my throat. Can anyone help?

Seven S.

I had the EXACT same experience as Wendy! And I was also VERY nauseous! Glad I too figured out it was the Xiidra! I agree about TOO BAD because my eyes felt so much better! But I can’t live with the nausea and other symptoms Wendy listed. It feels like my Adrenals are freaking out! Bad, bad feeling! I’m sure this is rare but when it happens to you it’s very scary. So glad Wendy posted this!


I have been using Xiidra for almost three months, and my eyes are much better. I can tolerate the bad taste, that’s a tradeoff. But my head pounds, my sinuses are stuffy, my chest is tight and I feel pressure. My throat feels swollen, and my breathing doesn’t have the same rhythm. This is hard to explain, at first I thought there might be something wrong with my heart. I feel generally unwell and uneasy. A couple of days ago I forgot to use the Xiidra. Later that day I started to feel better, but did not make a connection with the Xiidra until a few days later, when I forgot to use it again. I felt better physically and decided to skip the Xiidra a second time. Again, I felt a lot better. Now I hestitate to go back to using the Xiidra, which is disappointing because it makes my eyes so much better. But the way my head and chest felt was very disturbing, and I don’t feel normal. has anyone else reported something like this while using Xiidra? I’m not someone who complains about every little side effect. In fact, I didn’t even read the literature that came with the Xiidra, and didn’t make the connection with symptoms for weeks.

laura bernard

DO NOT TAKE XIIDRA!!! I had perfect long distance vision all my life up until I took Xiidra. After only 4 days of taking these drops as prescribed , everything Iong distance was suddenly out of focus ! Thought it was only temporary , but its been a year and my vision grows worse. I’ve had to have my lenses changed twice. This has been documented by my ophthomologist and I’m now seeking legal counsel. Please beware of this drug !

Dr. Jenna Zigler

Laura – The burning, blurriness, and odd taste are known side effects. They should contact their doctor about any other side effects.
Dr. Jenna Zigler

Dr. Jenna Zigler

Amy and Maura – That’s not a known side effect. Any time someone has flashes of light, for any reason, we tell them to head to their optometrist to get it checked out.- Dr. Jenna Zigler

Laura Corkadel

Is it normal to have a white discharge from my eyes right after using my xiidra? This has been happening, along with the burning, blurry vision and odd taste. None are bothersome enough to stop taking it though! The la:)


I had bright flashes of light after using as Amy did. HOwever, it does not look like her question was answered and whether this was normal and what the cause would be

Dr. Jenna Zigler

Barbara – No, not that I’ve ever heard. It’s not a known side effect.


Is there an is increased risk in glaucoma by using Ziidra?

Dr. Jenna Zigler

Great question Beth! Excess tearing is often due to dry eyes and not the medication. This is something that should improve with the use of Xiidra, so I would not decrease the amount you’re using but make sure to speak with your doctor.

Beth Smith

I have had excess tearing in one eye. Should I decrease the drops to once a day? Is this a side effect that might lessen with time?

Dr. Jenna Zigler

Jan – you really need to contact your eye doctor. I don’t know of this being a side effect.
One Love,
Dr. Jenna Zigler

Jan Liszewski

Has anyone noticed their eyelashes falling out while on Xiidra? Now I am plagued with that! It’s only happening on the eye I am using Xiidra.

Dr. Travis Zigler

Hey Susan Barry – We are not the makers of Xiidra, but blurry vision is a common side effect.

Susan Barry

I experience blurred vision for a half an hour after using Xiidra for the first time, and for less than a half hour after the second use. Will this always happen, or will this subside? I have to drive in the morning, and this will alter things for me!


Has anyone noticed bright flashes of light when you try to close your eyes after using Xiidra?

Jenna Zigler

Hey Susan – Yes, Xiidra has 3 main side effects that last around 4 weeks on average. Stinging/burning on installation, blurred vision, and a bad taste in the back of the throat. The eyes are connected to the sinuses and to the back of the throat. I recommend drinking water or juice directly after using the drop to lessen this effect.

One Love,
Dr. Jenna Zigler


Is it normal to have a drip in the back of your throat. It has a bad taste. Please email me the answers to this question.

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