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All About Diet: Caffeine, Alcohol, Greens Powder, Flaxseed, and Fish Oil

October 09, 2017 3 min read

Is there a test to see what supplements and minerals can help each individual person or will your diet plan generally cover everyone?

The diet plan we're putting together for dryeyecommunity.com is really pretty general for everyone. It includes things like hydration, healthy foods to incorporate into your diet, and what to get rid of. These tips are pretty general things for everyone. It’s going to make you a healthier person overall. Now, with any diet we can’t say a high fat diet or low carb diet or any other diet is good for everyone because everyone is different. There are definitely tests that can be done to see if you are deficient in something and those can be found usually through naturopathic doctors. If you’re interested in knowing specific things that you’re sensitive to, you can have this sensitivity testing done or allergy testing done. Overall, though, the basis of our diet can work for everyone. We’re teaching you how to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle not a diet, and we tell people that whatever you’re eating you’re going to be craving. The reason that you start loving a certain food is because your body craves whatever you’re eating and your gut biome gets used to whatever you’re eating. If you’re drinking Pepsi everyday, your body starts to crave that and thinks it needs it. And so, treating food as not a short-term pleasure but a long-term gain is so important in life.

Do you recommend no caffeine and no alcohol when you have dry eye?

We don’t recommend depriving yourself of anything, but you should think of everything in life as a long-term gain versus a short-term gain. You drink alcohol because it’s a short-term gain, it’s going to give you a buzz, or you just need to relax a little bit. Drinking alcohol causes blood sugar fluctuations and caffeine can cause anxiety, which a lot of people with dry eye already have. We recommend having alcohol or caffeine when you want it, but don’t go overboard.  When you do have caffeine or you do want to drink, make sure you’re drinking at least that same amount of water right afterwards. That’s going to really help your body stay hydrated because both alcohol and caffeine can be dehydrating. Also, plan a cheat day for yourself once per week. Have that barbecue, enjoy that plate of pasta, and have a glass of wine. The next day (and every other day of the week), go back to eating healthy. It’s all about balance.

Caffeine and dry eyes

When starting on greens powder, is it normal to have a very noisy stomach?

This is an indication of your GI system starting to work effectively. It’s breaking down that food like it should be and there’s a lot of fiber in there to move things along as well. It also has a lot of nutrients and your body has to get used to the influx of nutrients it may not be used to. We promise, your stomach will not be noisy forever. Once you get used to drinking it, you won’t have that anymore at all. It’s your gut biome normalizing itself. We applaud anyone who uses greens powder to improve their health!

Greens powder drink for dry eyes

Which one is better for dry eyes, flaxseed oil or fish oil?

Fish oil is better for dry eyes because it tends to be more concentrated. It has been shown in scientific studies to really improve dry eyes, skin, heart conditions, all different things. Flaxseed oil is great if you know you can’t take fish oil or don’t want to take fish oil for any reason. Fish oil is more readily available in your body, and your body has to convert flaxseed oil into fish oil if needed. This means there is an extra step in that process, which isn’t a bad thing, but whenever you involve another step in any chemical process you may lose effectiveness a little bit.

Do you have any food or diet-related dry eye questions for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dr. Travis Zigler, Dr. Jenna Zigler, Eye Love

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