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11 Best Turmeric Supplements | 5 Turmeric Benefits You Need Right Now

April 23, 2019 21 min read

What is Turmeric?

Closely associated with the other members of the ginger family, turmeric is a perennial herb inherent to India.The herb itself is derived from the root (rhizome) of the plant Curcuma longa, which is dried out before the useful powdered form can be acquired. Precise temperature and environment are required for it to thrive, so it is not commonly cultivated throughout the world however, it is exported because of its desirability. The bright yellow colour of this herb is conceivably its most striking characteristic which can leave its traces on your hands and clothes while cooking. It will wash out, but not easily! You’ve unquestionably seen it, even if you haven’t recognized it, and if you have ever enjoyed Indian food, you have almost surely consumed it.

Turmeric has a pungent, earthy odor. The flavor of turmeric can be defined as a little bitter, a little peppery like mustard or horseradish, with a bit ginger in flavor. It's every so often used for coloring more than for the flavor. If you decide to leave it out of a recipe, you may not notice a considerable change in flavor, however, the dish won't be as golden as desired. Due to the pigmentation qualities, it is sometimes substituted for saffron, but that adds a little bitterness that might not be desired. A suitable substitute for turmeric in a recipe is dry mustard.

Turmeric powder is commonly available in spice sections of grocery stores and is quite easy to find at an international market. Dried turmeric is made by boiling the rhizomes, drying them in a hot oven, and finally grinding the dried roots. Similar to many dried spices, it will lose its potency in about six months, so you should consider rotating your stock.

Fresh turmeric is difficult to find but definitely worth the hunt. Looking at a well-stocked international can often solve your problem. Turmeric is also used in many spice blends, such as basic curry powder, where it is always on the ingredient list. If you observe the blend has a yellow color, it is most often due to turmeric. It is also an ingredient in Worcestershire sauce and is often used as the coloring agent in yellow mustard, relishes, and pickles.

You may be confused about curcumin, as it’s usually associated with turmeric.  Curcumin is a component which is an active ingredient in turmeric. It consists of curcuminoids along with a family of active compounds. In other words, the main compound of curcumin is curcuminoids. Turmeric has a yellow color due to these curcuminoids. Three types of curcuminoids are found in turmeric, which are Demethoxycurcumin, Dihydrocurcumin, and 5’- Methoxycurcumin.

The antibacterial property of curcumin makes it beneficial for health, and its antioxidant properties have the ability to fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Curcumin is unaccompanied from turmeric and sold as a health supplement. It is the most bioactive component of turmeric.

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5 Health Benefits of Turmeric | What is Turmeric Good For?

If someone were to ask you what you think the most powerful herb on the planet is for fighting and even reversing disease, turmeric should be your first guess. Turmeric has been argued to be one of the most beneficial herbs to our health to date. Its benefits are not only vast, but they are also very well researched, with over 10,000 published journal articles that prove it’s favorability. The most healing composite in turmeric is curcumin.

If you need a great dietary supplement that you can easily incorporate into your daily health routine, you should look into the several ways you can use a turmeric supplement. It is included in many recipes and is now  also available in drinks that are offered in health food stores.

1. Assists Weight Loss and Prevents Obesity

Scientific studies confirm that turmeric has many uses when it comes to weight management. Like when you’re using MCT oil for keto diets, turmeric can assist fat loss. As a matter of fact, it does not replace regular exercise or a healthy diet, but it can make both processes easier. Dieters can get the privilege of turmeric for weight loss in many foods including smoothies, teas, soups, and even broths.

Studies have examined overweight people with metabolic syndrome in randomized, controlled trials. Turmeric has proven to be effective in reducing body fat and lowering BMI in obese people. Patients tolerated turmeric supplementation over 30 days without any adverse side effects. Although the science is not yet exact, there are many mechanisms of action in play. One mechanism encompasses interaction between curcumin and “white” fat tissue. This particular kind of fat tissue stores energy and accumulates around the hips and buttocks. After this process, the white fat tissue then transforms into “brown” fat tissue. Brown fat tissue generates heat, which burns calories rather than storing them. This phenomenon can explain the connection between turmeric and weight loss.

One of the major health issues suffered by obese people is chronic inflammation. Untreated inflammation leads to diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Turmeric reduces the expression of genes and proteins associated with inflammation. This benefit of turmeric improves health for people suffering from obesity.


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2. Helps Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief

Arthritis is a widespread and painful disorder in the United States. Estimates show that roughly 54 million adults currently have some form of arthritis, and the underlying causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Supplements for cartilage repair can play a part with arthritis pain relief, but may not cure it entirely. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis are the most general types. Joint pain is common in people mostly over 40 with other health conditions. It’s a disease that can eat up your productivity and energy levels.

One widely known medical use of turmeric includes treating arthritis and joint pain. Other options, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), can often cause heart-related complications. Accordingly, scientists favor nutrition-based plans for managing joint pain. Turmeric for arthritis is now a well-known natural medication.

Not only does turmeric powder benefit inflammation, but it’s also a natural pain reliever. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and curcumin help reduce the swelling that repeatedly causes pain and discomfort. Curcumin stops tissue degeneration while suppressing substances that destroy healthy cells. Also, the study showed that turmeric prevents inflammation better than suppressing it.

If you have tried other options with no success, turmeric for joint pain is definitely going to help to overcome arthritis and joint pain. Turmeric works best with a physical rehab plan along with it. A successful plan lowers joint stiffness and improves mobility. Just make sure that turmeric supplementation doesn't interfere with any medications you are taking.

3. Fights Chronic Inflammation and Slows Aging

The root cause of aging is the presence of free radicals in your body. While genetics plays a part as well, free radicals often derive from lifestyle habits. Smoking, lack of exposure to sun and an unhealthy diet are the main culprits. Free radicals can also become a reason to damage your DNA, leading to premature cell death.

Our body naturally fights free radicals through antioxidants. Antioxidants counteract free radicals, stopping them from causing damage. But the body can't always produce these adequately. One of the many health benefits of turmeric supplements is providing antioxidants.

Turmeric is loaded with an extremely high concentration of antioxidants. It also helps the body in the production of antioxidants, delaying the aging process. Slowing down an inevitable aging process is one of the most beneficial turmeric uses. Nutrition, exercise, and healthy natural sleep are key contributors as well. But antioxidant-rich diets are universally recognized as an anti-aging solution.

Chronic inflammation makes its place when the body’s inflammatory response goes untreated. In this scenario, turmeric plays its part against inflammation. It's important to remember that inflammation on its own is a natural process. It discontinues damaged tissues from experiencing further damage. However, it is dangerous when overactive. High-stress levels and environmental toxins can lead to excessive inflammation.

Turmeric slows the production of chemicals called eicosanoids. Eicosanoids trigger inflammation. In doing so, it returns the body's eicosanoid levels to normal. Some studies show that curcumin may be more effective than certain inflammation-treating drugs. In most cases, curcumin is less harmful than existing options.

4. Reduces Acne and Improves Skin Health

Is turmeric beneficial for skin too? Curcumin can improve your skin health by defending it from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The principal source of UV radiation is the sun's rays. Excessive contact with UV rays can lead to sunburns, damaged DNA, and some skin cancers. Sunscreen and limited exposure to skin can help, but sometimes it's not enough. This fact holds true for those who are residents in areas with lots of bright sunlight.

Curcumin can help in reducing premature skin cell death induced by UV rays. It can also protect skin from deadly free radicals created by excessive exposure to UV rays. This property of turmeric prevents damage to the skin and stops rapid aging.

In the other part of the story curcumin improves skin health by supporting elastin formation. Elastin is a protein produced by the body that helps your skin to become smooth and elastic. When you pinch your skin, and it quickly returns to the normal state, that is due to elastin.

As we age, our skin starts to lose some of its elasticity. One cause is the increased presence of elastase. Elastase is an enzyme that reduces elastin development. Turmeric supplements work by decreasing the formation of elastase. Reduced elastase production leaves you with healthy skin.

Moreover, curcumin also helps in minimizing acne. Acne has more than a few causes. Fluctuating hormone levels is the usual reason. Shifting hormones leads to excess sebum production, which results in the clog of our pores with bacteria.

The bacteria often accountable for acne is Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes). As curcumin is antibacterial too, it reduces P. acnes development and thus helps get rid of acne. Although you can consume more curcumin, using turmeric as part of a special paste can work as well.

5. Enhances Brain Function

Can curcumin really make you smarter and happier? Scientific research says using turmeric as a brain supplement can work wonders. Curcumin is a major supporter in the development of a healthy brain. For instance, it can enhance the bioavailability of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA is a vital energy source for the brain, allowing it to produce new neural connections.

Curcumin also has advantages for “neuroplasticity.” Neuroplasticity permits for the creation and deletion of neural connections. It is how you eliminate bad habits as well as develop good habits. Neuroplasticity empowers you to learn new skills and become better at them.

The mental health benefits of turmeric are noteworthy as well. Multiple clinical trials show that a turmeric supplement can safely cure depression. Some studies show that curcumin enhances the symptoms of antidepressants. Curcumin benefits by getting rid of depression by balancing the brain chemicals responsible for mood enhancement.

If anxiety is a concern, it’s recognized that DHA plays a major role. Curcumin boosts DHA production as well, which serves as an anxiolytic. Furthermore, a study measured curcumin's consequence on anxiety in obese individuals. Participants described significant reductions in their anxious feelings. A study performed on older adults found that curcumin can boost memory retention. Not only could subjects remember more information, but also their attention span increased. They also experienced less fatigued and had improved feelings of calmness.

Curcumin can also be beneficial in reversing memory problems, according to a psychiatric study. People with mild memory difficulties who took curcumin improved their retention by 28%. Not only that, but they also felt, to some extent, less depressed.


How to Take Turmeric | 5 Ways to Take Turmeric

After reading all above-mentioned facts about turmeric and curcumin you will possibly be more than convinced to make turmeric intake a routine in your daily life. But, how do you take turmeric? Its bitter taste may make it difficult to intake raw turmeric powder. However, the internet is flooded with turmeric recipes for meals, shakes, and drinks as well. You can easily find numerous ways to cook different things which include turmeric in it. Still, it might be a problem for many of you to cook daily, or maybe you don’t like the taste of turmeric. For any such condition, we have found the 4 best and stress-free ways to take turmeric.

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  • Turmeric Latte (AKA Golden Milk)
  • Formulated with black pepper, TUR LATTE organic golden milk mix increases the rate of your body's ability to absorb and benefit from the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric. In addition, our turmeric golden milk mix is formulated with Gotu kola to slow ageing, Ashwagandha to regulate the immune system, and the warm aromatic spices Fennel, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Natural Vanilla to give the blend an incredible aroma and a warm soothing flavor.

    DIRECTIONS FOR GOLDEN MILK: Add 1 scoop to 8 oz milk (non-dairy for vegan tur latte) Heat over medium flame for 5 minutes. Sweeten to taste.Use electric frother or whisk well until blended. Enjoy your delicious and nutritious golden milk. For an iced tur latte, chill or blend with ice.

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    Turmeric Tea

    1. Turmeric Tea

    An unlimited health booster is a sip of Turmeric Ginger Tea by Traditional Medicinals. It’s ready in under 15 minutes. This tea has some very strong health benefits that cannot be ignored. It could induce some serious health benefits even to the extent of being life-saving. Ginger turmeric tea may not be recognized a super tea like some of the famous health teas out there but it is a formidable health agent. It is noteworthy that not a lot of people associate ginger turmeric tea with healthy living, but it can be wonderful for the health!

    Most significantly, turmeric, as well as ginger, has anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, they combine to make one of the healthiest ginger tea recipes. This Traditional Medicinals Organic Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger Herbal Leaf Tea is one of the finest herbal tea supplement. It’s one of the highest quality, and we love it for this reason. One of many benefits of this herbal tea is that it promotes healthy digestion and I don’t really have reasons as to why we shouldn’t be sipping this “elixir” often! As far as the taste is a concerned, it's Earthy and savory with a hint of spice. As the benefits of turmeric and ginger are vast, so are that of this rejuvenating tea.

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     Turmeric Powder


    1. Turmeric Powder

    Though there are a number of turmeric powders available in the market, it’s not assured that they all are organic. It’s always better to get a trusted one like Organic Turmeric Root Powder w/Curcumin. Turmeric powder to be helpful for treating and preventing a variety of ailments, and it can improve digestion by stimulating bile production and reducing bloating and gas, protect against some forms of cancer, notably colon and other gastrointestinal tract cancers, protect formation of plaques in the brain which are associated with Alzheimer's disease, help in preventing kidney complications associated with diabetes, and more.

    Additionally itscertified USDA organic turmeric powder contains certified organic, 100% raw turmeric powder harvested from turmeric plants in India. Simply mix it into smoothies or other drinks, sprinkle it into soup, or even use it in a salad dressing recipe. The possibilities are endless!

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    Liquid Turmeric

    1. Turmeric Liquid Drop

    In case if you are facing difficulty with turmeric powder or don’t like the taste of turmeric tea, these drops are a perfect solution for you. A daily dose of ¼ tsp. liquid turmeric extract is recommended for adults. The manufacturers are so confident that you'll love their organic turmeric drops that they'll refund every penny if you don't like it! You'll either feel much better and have less pain, or you'll lose nothing.

    In addition to this, drops are so convenient, and you won’t have to swallow pills to come up with yummy recipes! This liquid turmeric with Bioperine (black pepper) and ginger is readily absorbed, digested, and assimilated by the body to assure optimal benefit. Most other products in drop form contain fillers, binders, and/or other materials that take much longer to digest. This liquid turmeric supplement is equipped with 95% standardized curcuminoids (which have high potency) and has powerful antioxidant properties that protect against oxidative damage, which is believed to be one of the culprits behind aging and many other ailments. 

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    Raw Root Supplement

    1. Turmeric Supplements

    You still have a choice of turmeric supplements in case you didn’t make a choice yet. Raw And Root is the manufacturer of one the best turmeric supplements you can get your hands on. Turmeric provides a good foundation of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, fiber, vitamin B6, copper, and potassium. And this supplement has it all.

    It’s well recognized that iron aids in providing us with energy, since it helps metabolize proteins and plays a role in the production of haemoglobin and red blood cells. But it’s important to not just get iron from red meat, as this can actually cause a burden on the body. Maybe you don’t eat meat at all? No problem. A turmeric supplement is an unlimited meatless resource of iron and vitamin B6 as well, which helps to stimulate co-enzyme activities, protect the immune system, and produce positive effects on things like hormones, metabolism, PMS, skin conditions, and the like.

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    11 Best Turmeric Supplements

    Since the supplements are considered as the best option when it comes to making a choice to intake turmeric, mostly because it makes it easy for everyone, here are a few of our favorites:

    Raw Root Supplement

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    1. Turmeric Curcumin with BIOPERINE Black Pepper Extract

    Raw And Root’s Turmeric Curcumin Supplement is formulated to deliver maximum potency and efficacy as our herbal supplement utilizes both turmeric root powder, as well as an extract standardized to 95 percent curcuminoids so you can benefit from BOTH sources of turmeric curcumin.

    This turmeric supplement promotes a healthy inflammatory response to soothe moderate discomfort and mild swelling from day to day activities. Turmeric is like magic... it’s there to support your overall health and wellness in a multitude of ways. This turmeric and curcumin supplement has been found to promote cognitive function, maintain cardiovascular health, and support normal inflammatory response in the gut to maintain a healthy digestive tract. Additionally, turmeric is commonly taken to keep your joints functioning properly.


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    2. Zhou Turmeric Curcumin and Ginger with BioPerine 1800 mg

    Compared with the other supplements this one has the highest amount of curcumin and the highest amount of bioperine per serving. That’s overwhelming, and the bottle contains 90 capsules, so if you’re eager to make turmeric a habit and simply want a tried and tested turmeric and ginger supplement, then this supplement is a great choice.

    The supplement contains extra of each ingredient, plus a higher amount of the important ingredient bioperine, so we know it’ll do the job.When you need a pure and potent supplement, you can count on this carefully-crafted blend of turmeric powder, potent turmeric curcumin extract with 95% standardized curcuminoids, and bioperine to get the job done.



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    3. TRUVANI Organic Turmeric Curcumin Supplement & Turmeric Root Powder

    This product is co-formulated with the turmeric root combined with black pepper, which is rich in antioxidants. Science shows that curcumin’s benefits in anti-aging are beyond compare as it fights free radicals. Therefore, it helps protect the liver from damage, helps balance and boost immunity, and fights any joint pain as well as stopping any cognitive decline as you age. Furthermore, this brand is popular for its transparency, so you know the packaging will state actual facts.

    4. Curcuminoids with Black Pepper Extract by Doctor Recommended

    These capsules leave a positive anti-inflammatory effect and are recommended to be consumed to deal with joint pain in conditions such as arthritis. As a matter of fact, these capsules contain bioperine which means that the absorption of the curcumin is enhanced. It is enriched withblack pepper extract in order to increase bioavailability (improve absorption) and also with Triphala for added benefits to improve digestion.

    5. Qunol Turmeric Curcumin Softgels with Ultra High Absorption 1000mg

    The best feature of this product is superior absorption. Qunol’s Extra Strength Turmeric Curcuimin complex has water dispersion technology, which creates an ability to deliver superior absorption. Unlike regular usual turmeric which will not dissolve in water, dissolves poorly in fat and has poor absorption, this supplement is superior. Key features also include anti-inflammatory properties and joint support. Qunol Turmeric is proven for its anti-inflammatory benefits for physical overexertion and can also help promote joint comfort. Additionally, this formula is extra strength, which contains 1000 mg of Bioenhanced Turmeric Complex and is manufactured in a cGMP certified facility.

    6. aSquared Nutrition Pure Turmeric Curcumin 1600mg with BioPerine Black Pepper Extract

    This supplement has the ability to reduce aches and pains, soreness and inflammation, particularly focusing on the joints, along with many other benefits. It will make joint mobility improve, ease stiff joints and repair cartilage, supporting cushioned and protected joints. The supplement will help those suffering from these ailments due to old age, athletic deterioration or due to their weight, and it’s suitable for both men and women.

    7. Turmeric Curcumin with 10mg of Bioperine by Vimerson Health

    Vimerson Healthstates that their product is a popular therapy for certain inflammatory conditions of the muscles and joints. The molecules that activate an inflammatory response are blocked by the curcumin in the product. It also serves, as a powerful antioxidant, fighting the damage of cells caused by free radicals in the body and boosting natural antioxidant formation. Surely, it also helps to maintain a healthy functioning brain, helping you focus and increase retention, but it can also ease the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Lastly, it is notable in keeping your heart healthy. Research has shown the benefits of curcumin on the cardiovascular system by improving blood flow and lowering triglycerides. This contributes to cardiac health in the arteries and reduces any inflammation in the cardiac tissue. Overall, you get a whole host of benefits from one bottle!

    8. Doctor's Best Curcumin From Turmeric Root with C3 Complex

    One of the best supplements by Doctor’s Best consists of a potent formula which is made with a clever blend of all natural ingredients including turmeric root, C3 complex, and bioperine. It is designed to boost the body’s internal systems, in order to maintain your health and lose weight in the most natural way. Doctor’s Best reminds us that turmeric is one of the most researched and studied herbs for over 5 decades, and we can take advantage of all that research with their supplements. Furthermore, this supplement is tested for its strength and purity. All products meet the requirement of quality control procedures to ensure that they are safe, having accurate potency.

    9. Kangen Ukon Turmeric Sigma Super Antioxidizing Dietary Supplement

    This turmeric supplement is extracted from ground turmeric roots and regulated to be 95% curcuminoids. Because it has a higher concentration of curcuminoids as compared to ground turmeric powder, it is very effective. However, it has a low bioavailability of curcumin. It is proven to be helpful if you want to lose weight quickly. While shedding some extra pounds, it is also equally effective to release joint pain.

    10. Turmeric Ease Liquid Turmeric Curcumin with Black Pepper & Ginger Extract

    Turmeric extracts assure fast, complete absorption for your body. Your body will need to break down a liquid extract, allowing its health benefits to be gladly accessible. It only takes about 1-4 minutes to blend in a liquid extract while capsules or tablets can take up to 30 minutes to absorb. That’s a substantial difference in how quickly your body can benefit from Turmeric Ease, having advantages of turmeric along with the blend of black pepper and ginger extract.

    11. Youtheory Turmeric Extra Strength Formula Capsules 1,000 mg

    This cutting-edge and advanced supplement is produced by Youtheory. It’s formulated with utmost curcumin levels combined well to extract the most from black pepper. This formula has proven its worth by boosting the immune system to such a level that we call it a "bio-protectant" blend of nature. Additional olive leaf works in conjunction, along with curcuminoids, to defend you from toxins and microbial attack. Naturally, enhance your body’s beauty and wellness.


    Zesty Paws

    And If You Have a Dog: Best Turmeric Supplement for Dogs

    The yellow spice has been recognized to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and this also holds true to dogs. It’s no surprise that dog owners are getting their hands on this herb for their four-legged buddies. The benefits seem numerous, and many owners also share turmeric with their dogs, while also using it for themselves! So let's have a look at some of the benefits of this multi-purpose supplement when it comes to your fur baby.

    Turmeric for dogs is a game changer as it plays the part of holistic pet medicine. This herb is an anti-inflammatory agent provided by nature, having antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral, and antioxidant properties. Because this is a naturally occurring ingredient, it can be provided as a preventive medication, rather than just a reactive one.

    Turmeric Benefits for Your Dog


    Chronic inflammation is behind almost all diseases in both humans and animals alike. Turmeric has a powerful anti-inflammatory influence that rivals current pharmaceutical grade medicine.

    Powerful Antioxidant

    Turmeric and curcumin are powerful natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are miracle workers as they diminish the aging and degeneration process. How do they do this in dogs? By battling free radicals. Free radicals naturally occur in the dog’s body but they are also produced when your dog is exposed to chemicals, pesticides, processed dog food, pollution, radiation, and toxins. A regular dosage of turmeric provides a powerhouse of preventative goodness to dogs of all ages.

    Relieves Arthritis Pain

    In addition to treating the inflammation that results from arthritis, turmeric for dogs can also treat the pain and symptoms associated with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

    Treats Gastrointestinal Disorders

    Turmeric can safeguard a dog’s intestinal cells from inflammatory damage and is particularly effective for dog breeds that are known to suffer from sensitive digestive systems.

    Heart Health

    An additional important health benefit of Turmeric for dogs is it maintains good heart health. In fact, it is a wonderful supplement for those dogs who have congestive heart failure. As you may know, there are two types of cholesterol: LDL (the bad kind) and HDL (the good kind). Studies show that turmeric for dogs can lower LDL levels and thin the blood, reducing the likelihood of your pet suffering a blood clot.

    Supports Dog Liver Function

    The liver is a key function when it comes to your dog’s health. It works all day long, regulating blood, removing hazardous toxins, processing nutrients, and creating bile which aids in the breakdown of fat. Fundamentally, Turmeric for dogs supports the liver function and supports its breakdown fat, removing waste.


    Studies show that Turmeric is just as effective as steroids in dogs too, a widespread remedy for dogs who struggle with allergies and joint pain. Further studies have shown that taking both Turmeric and a steroid simultaneously, Turmeric will decrease the typical side effects associated with the steroid.


    It should be noted that Turmeric isn’t effortlessly absorbed by dogs. If this herb isn’t assorted with an absorbent base, there is a good chance it will more likely just pass through your dog’s digestive system without being absorbed. For this reason, a very good and effective Turmeric supplement will generally have black pepper added to it. In addition to being antibacterial and having antioxidant properties, black pepper is also an aid for the digestive system that has been shown to prevent the liver from excreting curcumin so quickly.

    Turmeric by itself can be difficult for your dog's body to absorb, but luckily there are treats you can get your hands on to get your dog the most from their turmeric intake. The key point which doctors and scientists have learned through studies is that a perfect supplement must include coconut oil in order to increase absorption in the body, as Zesty Paws has. Secondly along with curcumin, bioperine should also be blended to boost absorption rates.

    If your dog is dealing with allergies, pain, or inflammation, zesty paws supplements are nothing less than a miracle. These chews are an amazing blend of all natural and organic ingredients that promote joint health, proper digestive function, and immune support to comfort any dog and help them feel their best.

    The extra strength formula includes Organic Turmeric and Curcumin, which holds 95% Curcuminoids, to relieve joint discomfort while protecting the digestive and immune system of your dog.

    Turmeric Side Effects

    While the positive aspects of turmeric may outweigh the side effects, it is important to be aware that a natural healer like turmeric may cause certain health problems in the body. Here are the significant side effects of turmeric worth knowing. Side effects of turmeric may include:

    Increased Risk Of Bleeding

    Taking turmeric has been guilty of slowing blood clotting. This can eventually increase the risk of bruising and bleeding in people who are suffering from bleeding disorders. Turmeric might also interact with certain medications and cause excessive bleeding.

    Stomach Issues And GERD

    Turmeric hasn’t caused any kind of stomach issues or other gastrointestinal reactions when consumed as a part of a cooked curry. But in the case of turmeric intake for chronic conditions like arthritis or aching joints, it can lead togastrointestinal issues. High doses of turmeric for extended periods of time have also been noticed to cause gastrointestinal problems.

    Raise Gallbladder Contractions

    Turmeric contains noteworthy amounts of oxalate, and this chemical can increase the risk of gallstones. Turmeric supplements of 20 – 40 mg were also informed to increase gallbladder contractions.

    Lower Blood Pressure

    Well, this may sound like a benefit. But lowering blood pressure way too much can cause complications as well. High doses of turmeric causes lower blood pressure, and hence individuals on blood pressure medications must implement caution while consuming turmeric.

    Risk Of Kidney Stones

    Too much turmeric might trigger the risk of kidney stones. This is due to the presence of oxalates in turmeric. The oxalates can combine with calcium to form insoluble calcium oxalate, which is primarily responsible for kidney stones. Thus, if you have a tendency to form kidney stones, turmeric is a strict NO for you.

    Pregnant And Breastfeeding Women

    According to research, turmeric is safe for pregnant women only when it is consumed as a spice in food. Turmeric supplements must be sidestepped during pregnancy. And in case you are allergic to turmeric, it is best to avoid it entirely during pregnancy. Most significantly, there is not enough information available on turmeric side effects on pregnant and breastfeeding women. And since they are a crucial time in any woman’s life, it is best to keep turmeric away temporarily. Turmeric has been rarely studied in breastfeeding women, and it is quite a mystery if its active compounds would pass through breast milk. The resultant effects on breastfed infants are also not known.

    Diarrhea And Nausea

    Diarrhea and nausea are two of the popular symptoms associated with turmeric supplementation. This is because the curcumin in turmeric has a tendency to irritate the gastrointestinal tract. Even low doses of curcumin can incite nausea in certain individuals.

    Not With Blood Thinning Medicines

    Curcumin in turmeric results in decreased platelet function, and hence it must be avoided by those who are on blood-thinning medications as it can magnify the properties of the blood thinning medications.

    Causes Allergic Reactions

    Curcumin can be an interacting allergen. Certain individuals have reported contact dermatitis and urticaria due to intake of turmeric. Since turmeric has origins from the ginger family, one is more likely to be allergic to it if he is allergic to ginger. You can also be allergic to turmeric if you are allergic to yellow food colouring. Turmeric can also trigger skin outbreaks like rashes and shortness of breath.

    Lead To Infertility

    Turmeric, if taken orally by men, might lower testosterone levels and also decrease the sperm movement. This might eventually lead to infertility.

    Causes Iron Deficiency

    As per studies, compounds in turmeric were found to be reactive with iron. This could decrease the body’s ability to absorb iron from food, thus leading to iron deficiency.

    Risky During Surgery

    This has again to do with turmeric’s tendency to prevent the blood-clotting process. Patients who are considering surgery must refrain from taking turmeric one to two weeks before surgery.

    Turmeric Dosage

    Turmeric is considered harmless as an ingredient in the food, and even in spa treatments, but consuming high doses and long-term use may cause gastrointestinal problems. Moreover, the key compound of turmeric, curcumin, can act as a blood thinner, which means that it is not an ideal supplement to take if you’re on prescription blood thinners or if you’re about to have surgery. No standard recommended dosage has been established as of yet, which is why it is recommended to discuss with your own health care provider if you want to move from simply cooking with turmeric to taking supplements containing turmeric or curcumin as a key ingredient.

    Reasonable dosage is 500 mg per day, which we’ve seen corroborated by several independent experts, recommends 400 to 600 mg of turmeric, up to three times per day, as tolerated. If you’re thinking of using turmeric root, itself, as a supplement, it is recommended a cut-root dose of 1.5 to 3 mg per day.