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What You Need To Know About Treating MGD

August 19, 2016 2 min read

Treating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Now that you know all about Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), I need to let you in on a few little secrets for treating it! First of all, begin treatment now! When you begin treatment early on in the disease process, you have a much better chance of responding well to it. You’ll also avoid any permanent damage that can cause eye issues for a lifetime.

In the mild stages of MGD, we often begin with warm compresses and make sure the eyelids are kept clean. A warm compress can be easily applied twice a day in the form of an eye mask. Many eye masks are available that can be heated in the microwave to the desired temperature (we recommend 10-20 seconds- you don’t want to burn your eyelids!) Use this eye mask for 20 minutes, twice per day to soften the oils that your meibomian glands release. Afterward, make sure to massage your closed eyelids gently to express the oils onto the surface of your eyes. You can think of this like a relaxing spa treatment...twice per day!

What You Need To Know About Treating MGD

Another great product that our patients love is the Heyedrate Lid & Lash Cleanser. This effective cleaner is 0.015% hypochlorous acid and is the first prescription daily lid cleaner that can be safely used twice per day to kill bacteria, block bacterial toxins, and relieve symptoms of MGD and dry eye. This product is perfect to use right after the warm compress and patients have noticed a difference in comfort in as little as two weeks.

Heyedrate Lid & Lash Cleanser

For everyone with dry eye and MGD, taking an oral omega-3 fatty acid supplement is essential. These supplements are anti-inflammatory so help to reduce inflammation and improve the quality of the oils that the eyelids produce. We recommend the Heyedrate Omega-3 for Dry Eye, which is a simple regimen of three pills per day. Of course, you can ALWAYS begin eating a healthy diet full of fatty fish, nuts, and seeds. It’s that simple!

Heyedrate Omega-3 for Dry Eye

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of what MGD is and how you can treat it, get out there and do it! The simple regimen above will make sure you’re feeling better as soon as possible.

One Love,

Dr. Jenna Zigler

Dr. Jenna Zigler