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We love sharing stories from our customers.  Sandra Henning wrote us on May 14 to share her story!  

I previously purchased 3 bars of the Tea Tree Face Soap (as well as the Lid & Lash Cleanser), the BEST products I've used in a long, long time!  I'm writing to ask if I might get my next bar free, as stated on the label? Just a brief history:

I'm a 69-year old woman who began wearing contacts in my senior year of high school, and continued wearing contacts exclusively until 1996, when I decided to get radial keratotomy done. Uncorrected, my vision was 20/400. You can imagine my elation at being able to see clearly after the procedure! Alas, all good things must come to an end, LOL. Gradually, as I aged, the benefits diminished, and I inquired about the possibility of having laser done so that I might again enjoy perfect vision. They assured me that they could perform the procedure even after having RK done, but that the corneas would be so thin that this was "the end of the road," no further enhancements would be possible after this.

Somewhere around this time my face began flushing and stinging, and developed small pustules. When my Clinique products failed to remedy the problem, I finally went to a dermatologist, who confirmed my suspicion that I had rosacea. My work as a kitchen designer at Home Depot was adjacent to the lighting aisle, and it was HOT, as well as very stressful, and my condition persisted in spite of the prescriptions.

So, as time went by and my ability to focus when reading declined, I had to purchase cheap drugstore readers to function at work. Gradually I became aware that my eyes were CONSTANTLY watering, to the point where I was required to always have a Kleenex in both pants pockets, and a full box at my desk. People would occasionally inquire why I was crying, which was embarrrassing. I dismissed this condition as allergies as the malady continued to worsen. I contacted an opthmalmologist in despair in 2011, and was diagnosed with ocular rosacea as well as blepharitis. Over 4 office visits, and prescriptions of 20 mg doxycycline, Tobradex ointment, Lastacaft, and Naphcon, the condition appeared to improve slightly, then BAM!! A horrible relapse required me to schedule another visit, which revealed pus in the tear film, and a new prescription for Besivance, which I was told was "the strongest" and should alleviate my suffering, which it did, for a while.

I have suffered with constantly-watering eyes since about 2006, until I discovered your Facebook post, and your wonderful products. I've been wearing bifocals now for several years, and realized that it was way beyond time for new glasses and a thorough eye exam. This new doctor prescribed doxycycline again, but 50 mg this time, as well as advice to purchase only preservative-free eyedrops. SWEET VICTORY!!! My eyes have gradually stopped watering throughout the day, and my new progressive bifocal glasses are equipped with Transitions lenses so I don't have to worry about bright sunlight.

I'd like to thank Drs. Jenna and Travis for the excellent advice and wonderful, effective products that, together with a great ophthalmologist, have enabled me to finally beat this beast. I recently wore makeup again to a wedding, and experienced no ill effects. I am beyond happy, and wanted you to know how much you've helped.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Sandra Henning 


If you too have had an amazing experience with our products and want to share your story, please send us an email to! We'd love to hear from you!  

One Love,

Drs. Jenna and Travis Zigler

Drs. Jenna and Travis Zigler



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