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Eye Love Giving Back

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 Eye Love Giving Back

We had the privilege to partner with Great Shape! Inc. and the iCARE Program to serve the communities of Jamaica and Turk & Caicos this year, experiencing the great joy of our patients seeing properly, often for the first time in their lives.

Witnessing this is emotionally moving and incredibly humbling – way beyond words. In the clinics we saw:

  •  A little boy making his own pair of glasses while his mother watched proudly.
  • A little girl with strabismus (crossed eyes) receive two pair of custom-made glasses designed to permanently correct her condition since it was corrected in time. Her family travelled from Exchange, St. Ann to Little London, Westmoreland – a 4 hour drive each way.
  • A woman in her eighties breaking into a big smile as she put on her new glasses and clearly saw her great-grandchild’s face for the first time.

These are only a few of the countless blessings that occur over and over again in these "pop up" clinics each day. We are honored to be in a position to provide these services where they are most needed. 


The metrics for three iCARE 2018 sites are as follows:

Clinic Site 1: Community Fellowship Centre – Providenciales, TCI – 7/30/2018 to 8/3/2018

  • 41 volunteers
    • Includes 8 doctors (1 Ophthalmologist, 7 Optometrists), 5 RNs, and 6 Opticians
  • 2482 vision exams in clinic
  • Over 1200 nurse visits – with blood pressure and/or blood sugar screenings
  • Distributed 943 pairs of prescription glasses
  • Will make (in the US) and return 67 pairs of custom prescription glasses
  • Distributed 975 pairs of reading glasses
  • Distributed 2000 pairs of sunglasses
  • ~US$571,435 value in goods and services

Clinic Site 2: Steer Town Methodist Church, Falmouth Regional Hospital, & Cornwall Regional Hospital – 10/15/2018 to 10/19/2018

  • 45 volunteers
    • Includes 17 doctors (3 Ophthalmologists, 10 Optometrists, 4 other), 3 RNs, and 7 Opticians
  • 1857 vision exams in clinic
  • 1566 vision exams in local schools (Ocho Rios Primary, Steer Town Primary, & Exchange All Age)
  • 34 cataract surgeries
  • 145 SLT laser surgeries (Steer Town Clinic and Cornwall Regional Hospital)
  • Over 1000 nurse visits – with blood pressure and/or blood sugar screenings
  • Distributed 705 pairs of prescription glasses (includes 185 pairs made in our clinic)
  • Will make (in the US) and return 62 pairs of custom prescription glasses
  • Distributed 1151 pairs of reading glasses
  • Distributed 2024 pairs of sunglasses
  • ~US$825,109 value in goods and services

Clinic Site 3: Christian Fellowship Church of God & Cornwall Regional Hospital – 10/29/2018 to 11/2/2018

  • 49 volunteers
    • Includes 11 doctors (2 Ophthalmologists, 9 Optometrists), 4 RNs, and 10 Opticians
  • 1944 vision exams in clinic
  • 702 vision exams in local schools (Little London Primary, Negril All Age, & Broughton Primary)
  • 110 SLT laser surgeries (Little London Clinic & Cornwall Regional Hospital)
  • 33 Diabetic Retinopathy PRP laser surgeries (Little London Clinic & Cornwall Regional Hospital)
  • Over 1000 nurse visits – with blood pressure and/or blood sugar screenings
  • Distributed 739 pairs of prescription glasses (includes 98 pairs made in our clinic)
  • Will make (in the US) and return 34 pairs of custom prescription glasses
  • Distributed 1205 pairs of reading glasses
  • Distributed 2119 pairs of sunglasses
  • ~US$731,008 value in goods and services

Remember: With every product you purchase, Eye Love gives an eye exam, glasses, and sunglasses to someone in need. Because of all of you, it is possible for us to give back to the communities who need it most and it allows us to travel to countries that greatly need eye care. We continue to research ways in which we can make our efforts more sustainable, and we look forward to seeing where this journey takes us.

We can't say thank you enough for your continued support! It has been a wonderful year of giving back and we can't wait to see what next year holds!


One Love,

Eye Love Giving Back

Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler 

Eye "Love Stories"; Customer Testimonial's

Eye "Love Stories"; Customer Testimonial's 0

We love sharing stories from our customers.  Sandra Henning wrote us on May 14 to share her story!  

I previously purchased 3 bars of the Tea Tree Face Soap (as well as the Lid & Lash Cleanser), the BEST products I've used in a long, long time!  I'm writing to ask if I might get my next bar free, as stated on the label? Just a brief history:

I'm a 69-year old woman who began wearing contacts in my senior year of high school, and continued wearing contacts exclusively until 1996, when I decided to get radial keratotomy done. Uncorrected, my vision was 20/400. You can imagine my elation at being able to see clearly after the procedure! Alas, all good things must come to an end, LOL. Gradually, as I aged, the benefits diminished, and I inquired about the possibility of having laser done so that I might again enjoy perfect vision. They assured me that they could perform the procedure even after having RK done, but that the corneas would be so thin that this was "the end of the road," no further enhancements would be possible after this.

Somewhere around this time my face began flushing and stinging, and developed small pustules. When my Clinique products failed to remedy the problem, I finally went to a dermatologist, who confirmed my suspicion that I had rosacea. My work as a kitchen designer at Home Depot was adjacent to the lighting aisle, and it was HOT, as well as very stressful, and my condition persisted in spite of the prescriptions.

So, as time went by and my ability to focus when reading declined, I had to purchase cheap drugstore readers to function at work. Gradually I became aware that my eyes were CONSTANTLY watering, to the point where I was required to always have a Kleenex in both pants pockets, and a full box at my desk. People would occasionally inquire why I was crying, which was embarrrassing. I dismissed this condition as allergies as the malady continued to worsen. I contacted an opthmalmologist in despair in 2011, and was diagnosed with ocular rosacea as well as blepharitis. Over 4 office visits, and prescriptions of 20 mg doxycycline, Tobradex ointment, Lastacaft, and Naphcon, the condition appeared to improve slightly, then BAM!! A horrible relapse required me to schedule another visit, which revealed pus in the tear film, and a new prescription for Besivance, which I was told was "the strongest" and should alleviate my suffering, which it did, for a while.

I have suffered with constantly-watering eyes since about 2006, until I discovered your Facebook post, and your wonderful products. I've been wearing bifocals now for several years, and realized that it was way beyond time for new glasses and a thorough eye exam. This new doctor prescribed doxycycline again, but 50 mg this time, as well as advice to purchase only preservative-free eyedrops. SWEET VICTORY!!! My eyes have gradually stopped watering throughout the day, and my new progressive bifocal glasses are equipped with Transitions lenses so I don't have to worry about bright sunlight.

I'd like to thank Drs. Jenna and Travis for the excellent advice and wonderful, effective products that, together with a great ophthalmologist, have enabled me to finally beat this beast. I recently wore makeup again to a wedding, and experienced no ill effects. I am beyond happy, and wanted you to know how much you've helped.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Sandra Henning 


If you too have had an amazing experience with our products and want to share your story, please send us an email to! We'd love to hear from you!  

One Love,

Drs. Jenna and Travis Zigler

Drs. Jenna and Travis Zigler

$80k To $500k: How Dr. Jenna Uses Tiny Facebook Groups To Sell Tons Of Product

$80k To $500k: How Dr. Jenna Uses Tiny Facebook Groups To Sell Tons Of Product 0

Freedom Fastlane Podcast, Dr. Jenna Zigler

Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Moran

Ryan Daniel Moran chats with Dr. Jenna Zigler, who runs Eye Love, an eye care and sunglasses company, with her husband Dr. Travis Zigler They’ve scaled it quickly, with an awesome $500,000.00 revenue earned in December 2017 alone.


Show Notes

We wanted to share what Jenna learned along the way. We’ve summed it up in three actionable tips below:

Create an online community for product targeting. Trained optometrists, Jenna and Travis wanted to start selling their own products, instead of those from other companies. They listened to what their patients had to say about their eyes, and then launched a Facebook support group for dry eye syndrome.

Although that Facebook group started tiny, it has ballooned over the years to over 400,000 members! They now have a huge audience, from whom they can get product ideas and to whom they can advertise their new product offerings.

Focus on providing value to people. Jenna and Travis want to make people’s lives better. While they are delighted to be making a profit off the work they’re doing, they make products specifically to help people with vision issues.

There are millions of people with dry eye syndrome, which gives them a number of daily issues. Jenna and Travis are delighted that the products they make helps them manage this condition.

Find a way to tap into a giving mindset. It can be easy to approach business as a means to “take”, to get what one wants out of life.

But to sustain your passion for your work, you need to connect it to a giving mindset. By focusing on how you can make life better for others, you make your own life more meaningful.

Jenna’s and Travis’s giving mindsets stems from their passion to fight preventable blindness, which affects over 700 million people around the world. They make trips every year to help people with vision issues directly, and also contribute a portion of their profits to fight preventable blindness in South Carolina and Jamaica.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about Jenna’s experience as an entrepreneur!

Key Takeaways

  • Create an online community for product targeting
  • Focus on providing value to people, and
  • Find a way to tap into a giving mindset

Connect with Jenna

Learn more about Eye Love at

Connect with Ryan

Find more amazing podcast discussions on

Eye Love Excellence Award for February

Eye Love Excellence Award for February 0

Unite For Sight, Eye Love Excellence Award, Dr. Travis Zigler

Unite For Sight 

At Eye Love, we really enjoy highlighting the great work other companies are doing in this world. We can all agree that if we all gave a little more of our time, money, and resources, the world would be a better place! This month, we're featuring Unite For Sight !

What they do

As a global health delivery organization, Unite For Sight partners with local eye clinics to develop strategies and to identify barriers that delay effective eye care delivery for patients living in extreme poverty. Unite For Sight believes in the social entrepreneurial vision and commitment of local medical professionals and work with existing profitable clinics to develop a unique outreach infrastructure. They develop and invests in the talent of local eye care leaders who have the determination and skill to create social enterprises that serve their communities' poorest people.

The Unite For Sight innovative programs in Ghana, Honduras, and India have provided quality care to more than 1.9 million poorest people in the world, including more than 99,000 sight-restoring surgeries. They were responsible for 92% of the cataract surgery increase in Ghana between 2008 and 2009. By 2010, five of the forty-five ophthalmologists in Ghana were partners of Unite For Sight, and these five ophthalmologists provide more than half of all surgeries performed in Ghana.


Unite For Sight develop high-impact social interventions to lift communities out of poverty and to eliminate preventable blindness worldwide by partnering with local eye clinics and collaborations with community leaders, governmental bodies, and hospitals to bring high-quality eye care to those living in extreme poverty.

How they started

They started as a small organization with 35 students. Jennifer Staple-Clark founded Unite For Sight in her dorm room when she was a sophomore at Yale University in 2000. Jennifer has developed Unite For Sight into a renowned global nonprofit organization that has provided eye care to 2.5 million of the world's poorest people in North America, Africa, and Asia.

How to donate

Unite for Sight urges you to take advantage of the convenience and security of giving online through their donation page. However you may call them if you would like to donate by credit card or you may alternatively submit a check by postal mail.

We love their mission to develop strategies and to identify barriers that delay effective eye care delivery for patients living in extreme poverty. We feel this falls  exactly in line with Eye Love’s mission to End Preventable Blindness for those in need. Together we can make a difference! Congratulations to them for receiving our Eye Love Excellence Award for February! Keep up the GREAT work!


One Love,

Dr. Travis Zigler, Dr. Jenna Zigler, Eye Love 

Drs. Jenna and Travis Zigler



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