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$80k To $500k: How Dr. Jenna Uses Tiny Facebook Groups To Sell Tons Of Product

$80k To $500k: How Dr. Jenna Uses Tiny Facebook Groups To Sell Tons Of Product 0

Freedom Fastlane Podcast, Dr. Jenna Zigler

Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Moran

Ryan Daniel Moran chats with Dr. Jenna Zigler, who runs Eye Love, an eye care and sunglasses company, with her husband Dr. Travis Zigler They’ve scaled it quickly, with an awesome $500,000.00 revenue earned in December 2017 alone.


Show Notes

We wanted to share what Jenna learned along the way. We’ve summed it up in three actionable tips below:

Create an online community for product targeting. Trained optometrists, Jenna and Travis wanted to start selling their own products, instead of those from other companies. They listened to what their patients had to say about their eyes, and then launched a Facebook support group for dry eye syndrome.

Although that Facebook group started tiny, it has ballooned over the years to over 400,000 members! They now have a huge audience, from whom they can get product ideas and to whom they can advertise their new product offerings.

Focus on providing value to people. Jenna and Travis want to make people’s lives better. While they are delighted to be making a profit off the work they’re doing, they make products specifically to help people with vision issues.

There are millions of people with dry eye syndrome, which gives them a number of daily issues. Jenna and Travis are delighted that the products they make helps them manage this condition.

Find a way to tap into a giving mindset. It can be easy to approach business as a means to “take”, to get what one wants out of life.

But to sustain your passion for your work, you need to connect it to a giving mindset. By focusing on how you can make life better for others, you make your own life more meaningful.

Jenna’s and Travis’s giving mindsets stems from their passion to fight preventable blindness, which affects over 700 million people around the world. They make trips every year to help people with vision issues directly, and also contribute a portion of their profits to fight preventable blindness in South Carolina and Jamaica.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about Jenna’s experience as an entrepreneur!

Key Takeaways

  • Create an online community for product targeting
  • Focus on providing value to people, and
  • Find a way to tap into a giving mindset

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A Medicinal Mind Episode 027: Dr. Travis Zigler, Functional Eye Health

A Medicinal Mind Episode 027: Dr. Travis Zigler, Functional Eye Health 0

A Medicinal Mind Episode 027: Dr. Travis Zigler, Functional Eye Health

A Medicinal Mind Episode 027


On this Podcast Dr. Travis Zigler describes his framework for understanding eye disease, seeing systemic chronic inflammation as a much greater contribution to the health of our eyes than when classically think.

Dr. Travis Zigler then shares his revolutionary business model, turning the classic optometry clinic on its head in order to create a flourishing online business and education platform that has enabled him and his wife to fund larger scale mission trips to provide eye exams to those who otherwise would go without.

We explore the evolution and success of new businesses driven by foundational missions and core values as compared to the simple pursuit of growing the size of a business.

We then get back into the medical space as Dr.Travis Zigler offers his insights into some of the most common conditions he sees affecting the eye and how he seeks to help his patients heal.

We explore the role of a plant based diet, supplements such as fish oil, the integration of regular eyelid cleaning and the protection of one’s eyes from blue light as some of the most effective ways to prevent many of the common chronic eye conditions.

Jumping from dry eye and cataracts to disrupted sleep from blue light exposure and myopia, Dr. Travis Zigler offers so much practical insights into how we can effectively keep our eyes and our entire bodies healthy as we age.

Check out the following links:

Eye Love:

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Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community:

Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses:

Eye Love on Amazon

Business Consulting and Coaching
Business Igniters:
Dr. Travis Zigler:

Hilarious Eclipse Youtube video =

Go Wellness Radio: On a Mission to End Preventable Blindness

Go Wellness Radio: On a Mission to End Preventable Blindness 0

Go Wellness Radio: On a Mission to End Preventable Blindness

On A Mission

On today’s podacast, Dr. Travis Zigler discusses how to keep your eyesight healthy, why people get dry eyes, and why it is their mission to help end preventable blindness. 

Click Here To Listen!

Mentioned in This Episode:

Go Wellness website: Go Wellness

Dry Eye Syndrome Support Facebook Community


Key Takeaways:

[:40] Who is Dr. Zigler and what does he do?

[2:25] Why did Dr. Zigler specialize in eyesight?

[5:25] Even though Dr. Zigler and his wife are Western-trained doctors, they’ve decided to take a more Eastern approach to their practice.

[8:20] When is Dr. Zigler’s and his wife’s next mission trip?

[10:15] What kinds of things does Dr. Zigler do to help end preventable blindness?

[13:10] Dr. Zigler has noticed that the eye lens tends to degenerate faster in diabetes and people with high blood pressure and cholesterol.

[15:40] What do the vessels and the nerves look like in a healthy eye?

[19:00] Dr. Zigler eats a very plant-based diet and tries to get his patients on board with a healthier diet as well.

[21:20] Why do people get dry eyes?

[25:25] If you have eye issues, do not wait! Get them checked out ASAP.

[29:45] How can we keep our eyesight healthy in this very digital world we live in?

[34:35] Dr. Zigler recommends that all his patients eat organic spinach and kale, especially if they already have macular degeneration.

[37:15] The problem with eye diseases is that the patient doesn’t notice any symptoms until it’s too late.

The Work Life Balance with Rick A. Morris

The Work Life Balance with Rick A. Morris 0

The Work Life Balance, Rick A. Morris, Dr. Travis Zigler

The Work/Life Balance hosted by Rick Morris


Each week The Work Life Balance Podcast will cover goals and goal setting and learn how to break down large problems into small achievable wins. I was asked to be a guest on the live podcast to share our success in life and business, as well as our hiccups along the way. 


The Work/Life Balance is broadcast live every Friday at 2 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

One Love,

Dr. Travis Zigler, Heyedrate, Eye Love

Dr. Travis Zigler

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