Rational Wellness Podcast 046: Eye Health with Dr. Travis Zigler

Rational Wellness Podcast 046

Dr. Travis Zigler speaks about Eye Health with Dr. Ben Weitz. 

Podcast Highlights

1:42  Dr. Zigler mentions some of the conditions of the eye that we can improve with diet and lifestyle changes, including dry eye, macular degeneration, gluacoma, and cataracts.

3:01  Dr. Zigler explains how to prevent and treat dry eye, including an anti-inflammatory plant based diet with lots of leafy green vegetables. He also recommends drinking a lot of water to hydrate the body and the eyes. Warm compresses and massage to the eyelids can help to soften and facilitate the flow of oil from the Meibomian glands that help to keep the eyes moist. Dr. Zigler also recommends using a spray cleanser on the eyes using hypocholous acid to kill bacteria that often develop on the eyelids and cause blepharitis.

6:52  We discussed the benefits of taking omega 3 fish oils and eating fish as well as whether it is a good idea or not to rub coconut oil into the eyes for lubrication.

9:22  There are a number of medications that can result in dry eyes, including antihistamines, decongestants, antidepressants, birth control medications, and blood pressure medications. Thyroid disease (both hyper and hypo), high blood pressure, and diabetes also tend to lead to dry eyes. Also post-menopausal hormone imbalances can result in dry eyes.

11:42  We talked about how blue light from computers, TVs, and phones results in dry eyes and macular degeneration.

13:50  Dr. Zigler explained dietary approaches that can help to prevent or reverse macular degeneration, including supplements like lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, zinc, and omega-3s, and eating kale and spinach. 

18:00  We discussed whether exercises for the eye, such as the Bates method, can help to improve eyesight. There is also something called vision therapy that helps the eyes to work together better and helps with conversion insufficiency, conversion excess, and a few other problems.

21:45  Dr. Zigler explained what causes floaters in the eye.

23:30  We discussed glaucoma and what can be done about it. 

28:20  Dr. Zigler discussed cataracts, what causes them, such as vitamin C deficiency, and what to do about cataracts.

Rational Wellness Podcast 046: Eye Health with Dr. Travis Zigler

Dr. Ben Weitz is available for nutrition consultations specializing in Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders like IBS/SIBO and Reflux and also specializing in Cardiometabolic Risk Factors like elevated lipids, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure as well as chiropractic work by calling the office 310-395-3111.


Dr. Jenna Zigler

Inflammation such as this can happen at any time, and it tends to happen more easily as we age. Our bodies are not as capable of fighting off inflammation, so we’re more prone to issues like you are describing with your eyes. You’re already doing many things right, but the multiple styes and chalazia tell me that you have got inflammation coming from somewhere. I’d definitely recommend a food sensitivity test so you know what might be contributing in that area. Drinking more water is always helpful… I encourage you to get a reusable water bottle that you can refill throughout the day so you don’t have to count ounces :) Best of luck
One Love, Dr.Jenna Zigler

Steven Bova

Hi, thank you for this website and the very useful information for those suffering with dry eyes. I have read your book and seen some of the videos on YouTube. I am 38 and have been dealing with dry eyes for some 5 years now, with it gradually getting worse. My eyelids are constantly red and inflamed, I have crusting all day long (no matter if I do compresses and wipes or not). I have had dozens of painful styes and four chalazions removed so far and my vision is noticeably cloudy since the last excision.

I know you said “inflammation” is a root cause but I’d like to why people, why I suddenly developed this miserable condition and why the only cure is extremely inconvenient life changes (hot compresses multiple times per day, wipes and lid scrubs, omega-3 supplements, an organic, plant-based diet with little meat or dairy).

I had lasik done when I was 21 and had no symptoms for 12 years. Could this be the original cause? I eat generally healthy and drink water when I am thirsty, not all day long counting ounces. I drink beer sometimes. I’d like to still be able to do these things! This has seriously eroded the quality of my life. Any light shed on this is greatly appreciated.

Travis Zigler

Hey Sandy, There is no cure for blepharospasm. It is generally accepted that botulinum neurotoxin (BOTOX) injections are the most effective treatment available for the reduction of symptoms, but for some patients the relief from injections is inadequate. I hoe this helps.
One Love
Dr. Travis Zigler

Sandy Peterson

Do yo know of anyting that will help blephorospasm?

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