Natural Eye Health and Conventional Medicine Combined

Natural Eye Care

Integrative medicine is becoming increasingly popular in areas of pain management, and the eyes are primed for this disruption.  Starting with natural medicines and then progressing to pharmaceuticals is a great proactive approach to your health.  This is in place of the retroactive medicine that is practiced the majority of the time, which is prescribing pharmaceuticals right away for ailments, instead of addressing the issue at hand with diet and exercise changes.  

Natural Eye Health and Conventional Medicine Combined

What are some of the advantages of natural, homeopathic eye and health care?

  1. Effective medicine without side effects.  With homeopathic eye drops, there are virtually no side effects.  Everyone, no matter what medication they are using or health problem they have, can use homeopathic eye drops.  This also allows them to be used with or without contact lenses.
  2. No preservatives.  The eye is in distress when preservatives are used in eye drops, such as over-the-counter drops.  These over-the-counter drops often lose effectiveness within a few weeks.  This will leave your eyes and your contact lenses uncomfortable.  Natural eye drops are prescription-quality while being curative and palliative.  They are designed to correct (not mask) and encourage natural tear production.  Managing chronic conditions, such as dry eye, without preservatives is largely beneficial due to the amount of eye drops you will be using over the course of your life.  
  3. Stimulates the immune system.  Homeopathy stimulates the body’s immune system, so you can get to the root of the cause.  This allows your body to heal itself.
  4. Doesn’t just mask the symptoms.  Homeopathic therapy supports and stimulates the immune system instead of masking it or suppressing it.  Homeopathic drops are non-preserved and do not sting, which is great for children and people who hate eye drops.  Using homeopathic drops is a total win-win!

One Love,

Dr. Travis Zigler


Jenna Zigler

Hey Bernys – Eye Love actually does not make, or sell, eye drops. However, we do have a wonderful Dry Eye Omega 3 Supplement as well as an Ocular Health Supplement.

Bernys Vance

How do EyeLOve drops compare to Xiidra?

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