Key Takeaways from Freedom Fast Lane Live

Dr. Jenna Zigler and myself, Dr. Travis Zigler, attended Freedom Fast Lane Live this past weekend, which is a collection of entrepreneurs looking to make a massive impact in the word.  It was an incredible three days filled with some of the best thought leaders on the planet.  I always like to take away one great piece of information from each speaker and summarize it for myself.  Before I do that, I want to say a BIG thank you to Ryan Daniel Moran for hosting and his team at Freedom Fast Lane for putting together a world class event!


Ryan Daniel Moran

"Beliefs x (Strategy + Execution) x Time = Results"

"Beliefs = Association x Input"

"Delaying gratification is the single greatest indicator of success."

Travis Zigler, Ryan Daniel Moran, Jenna Zigler, Freedom Fast Line Live



Sean Stephenson

Sean’s mission is to rid the world of insecurity.

"Courage precedes confidence... Do one thing that scares your every day to rid yourself of your insecurities."

Sean Stephenson, Freedom Fast Line Live


Nathan Latka

His road map to become a billionaire by age 34. 

Nathan Latka, Freedom Fast Lane Live


Tom Bilyeu

Tom set out to make dieting delicious, and he invented the Quest Bar. Within five years, it went from Zero to $400 million… and it started as just an idea...

"Develop your mindset to be limitless, develop grit, then build your business."  

"It doesn't matter who you are today.  What matters is who you are willing to become and what price will you pay to become that."

Tom Bilyeu, Ryan Daniel Moran, Freedom Fast Lane Live


Alicia Silverstone

Alicia had “just an idea” to make a difference for a cause that she believed in… so she partnered with a supplement line to create My Kind Organics.
"Don't settle for anything that does not align with your beliefs."
Jenna Zigler, Alicia Silverstone, Travis Zigler, Freedom Fast Lane Live

JP Sears

JP Sears is recognized for his hilarious and spiritual viral videos, but he has built a following of over one million engaged fans in the process.
"Innovation means not being normal, unleash your weirdness"
Shauna Upperman, JP Sears, Jenna Zigler, Katie Dorosh, Freedom Fast Lane Live

Mike Dillard 

Mike has a goal to put clean, healthy, organic food on the plates of every American regardless of socioeconomic status.

Jesse Itzler

Jesse had the crazy idea to build a private jet company, which he later sold to Warren Buffet…  He then grew Zico Coconut water and sold it to Coca-Cola.
"Self-doubt is the #1 limitation to success"
Jesse Itzler, Ryan Daniel Moran, Freedom Fast Lane Live

John Mackey

John had “just an idea” for a healthy grocery store, and he founded Whole Foods Markets. Today, it sells $16 billion per year. 
"The problem in not that there is an unequal wealth distribution, but rather an unequal capitalism distribution."
"Life is too damn short to do anything that you don't care about."

Cameron Herold

Cameron was given “just the idea” to literally haul junk… and he scaled it from $2m to $100m in just six years… 
"Write a vivid vision that is 4-5 pages long. What do you want your business to look like in 3 years as far as culture, feelings, and office structure."
"Focus x Faith x Effort = Chance of Success"

Scott HarrisonFounder of charity:water   

Scott is living proof that entrepreneurs make the world a better place. Scott is the founder of charity:water, an organization that is bringing clean water to millions of needy people around the world.
Scott's talk was my favorite of the entire conference.  He made us laugh, cry, and pull out our checkbooks donate through an emotional presentation that made us realize how lucky we all truly are!  Scott inspired us to start our own charity, Eye Love Cares Foundation, which we just opened. 
Ryan Daniel Moran, Cinta, and Our Donation to Charity Water

Please consider a donation, even $1 makes a difference

Peter Diamandis

Peter set out with “just an idea” to travel space and extend lifespans, and now he is a living example of impactful entrepreneurship…
"What's your moonshot?  Aim for 10x bigger, not 10%"
"Are you doing what you want to be doing?  If I gave you $1 billion to change the world, what would you do?  Do that and the money will follow!"

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