"I Melted My Blue Light Blocking Glasses" Sale

Don't you hate it when you break your glasses? 

There I was seeing patients, and I set my glasses on the desk to get behind the microscope.  

Well when I set them down, I set them a little too close to the laminator (we laminate all prescriptions in our clinic), and it melted the temple.  

They were my blue-light blocking glasses which help reduce eye fatigue on the computer so I was a little bummed because I had some computer work to do.

Good thing I have a spare set at home!

But this had me thinking that maybe you do not have a spare pair and it is time for us to get you one.

Introducing the "I Melted My Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses 60% Off Sale" (that is a mouthful).

For a limited time only, we are doing an Amazon exclusive sale  for 60%, but you have to go over to Facebook to get the coupon code.

Click here to get it!

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