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How Dysbiosis and Nutrient Deficiencies Impair Eye Health and Cause Everything from Dry Eye to Vision Problems with Dr. Travis Zigler

I had a great podcast interview with Dr. Michael Ruscio @drruscio. Check it out here!

Fast Facts Discussed on the Podcast:

Dry Eye

  • A multifactorial disease that can be caused by:
    • Dysfunction of oil glands (meibomian glands)
      • When oil glands cease to excrete oil onto the eye, it causes the eye to feel dry and irritated, which creates inflammation
    • Treatments/therapies to keep eyelids healthy
      • Keeping the eye clean is very important
      • Soap w/ tea tree oil can be used to kill demodex mites that live on the eyelashes
      • Chloric acid spray can be used to control overgrowth of bacteria
        • Overgrowth of mites or bacteria can cause inflammation
      • Eating healthy fats like omega 3-6 for healthy oil glands
      • Warm compress also helps get the oil glands working well
        • Warm (dry) rice in a sock, place it on the eye – helps to make the oil more liquid, massage the area to get the oils moving

Vision Problems

  • We are becoming more nearsighted as a society

  • Playing outside might help decrease nearsightedness

  • Vision therapy/therapist – training the muscles inside the eye to focus better

    • Mainly used for children who have the inability to focus or cross their eyes

    • There are quite a few diseases that cause this, the most common is Convergence Insufficiency

      • Other common diseases – Convergence Excess (over-crossed eyes), Accommodative Insufficiency

    • Not many doctors look for binocular issues

      • These conditions can sometimes present like ADD or ADHD because the child literally has issues with binocular focus

    • In-office therapy has the best results

      • There is a computer program you can do at home as well

Macular Degeneration

  • The Macula is your central vision
  • What causes macular degeneration?
    • Number one cause is age
      • Some signs in the 60s, often in the 70s and 80s
    • Number 2 – genetics
    • Number 3 – smoking (smokers have a 4x greater risk of developing MD) and diet
    • Vitamin deficiencies can be common; phytochemicals (leafy greens), vitamin A, C, and E
      • Free radicals cause damage to the macular tissue
  • Treatments
    • Green smoothies are great
    • Take a macular degeneration formula – Eye Love Ocular Health Formula
    • Sufficient vitamin A, C, E are the most important in this condition


  • Not much is known about what causes Glaucoma
  • Treated by lowering the pressure in the eye
  • Diet and overall health are important, typically appears in unhealthy patients


  • Not abnormal to have some cataract formation
  • Around the age of 40, the lenses become so thick you have trouble focusing (bending it)
    • 50s – vision starts to become blurry with distance and reading
    • 60s to 70s – vision starts to become cloudy
  • Any preventative measures?
    • Antioxidants can help prevent it from getting worse
    • Overall health – eat less processed food and sugar, eat more leafy greens


  • 80% of people have astigmatism of some kind, it is considered very normal depending on the severity of it

  • What causes it?

    • The front curvature of your eye isn’t shaped perfectly round

    • When light comes into the eye it gets focused on two points instead of one

    • Therapies like contact lenses and glasses help focus the two points into one

  • Preventative measures
    • Orthokeratology or CRT
      • Special night-time contact lenses can then help all the next day
      • Has been shown to reduce the progression of nearsightedness by 50%
      • A lot of doctors are not aware of this

General Eye Care Advice

  • Get your yearly eye exams

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