Dr. Travis Zigler Featured On Two Blogs - Alpha Dog Nutrition and Vault Cargo

Dr. Travis Zigler was recently featured as a guest blogger on two blogs.

Vault Cargo 

Dr. Travis Zigler explains:

Arguably one of the most essential components of an angler’s arsenal are a solid pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses can make the difference between a productive fishing adventure and an inopportune accident. Polarized sunglasses for fishing are especially recommended due to...

Read why polarized sunglasses are so important for fishing on Vault Cargo's blog by clicking here.




Alpha Dog Nutrition

Dr. Travis Zigler explains:

Great vision is a key attribute to becoming a skilled hunter. Proper eyewear will protect your eyes, enhance your ability to spot your target, and increase your marksmanship. Different lens colors can enhance visibility by providing better contrast for hunters. What color of lens should you choose to increase this contrast?

Read the entire guide on Alpha Dog's blog by clicking here.

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